From Michael’s Desk

We are rapidly approaching the end of the first year of the new age of Trump, so it’s perhaps a moment to reflect.  For those engaged in the struggle for social justice it’s been a Helluva year. During this year we’ve been challenged to work harder, dig deeper, be stronger in our advocacy, be smarter about what we do. Above all, it’s been a time that has demanded great energy to rise to the defense of our communities and our values.  We’ve won some very significant victories—but we’ve also taken some painful blows. It has been exhausting.

But folks, this is only the beginning.  We’ve got at least three years to go. And under the very best scenario, we’ll be battling the demons let out of Pandora’s box for many years more.  The normalization and legitimization of extreme racism, sexism, xenophobia and mindless international aggressiveness will live on past Donald Trump.

So it’s also a time to refuel ourselves, support our friends in the movement, redouble our resolve to stand with workers for economic and social justice.

We just don’t have any other choice.

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