Mission & Vision

Northwest Workers’ Justice Project protects workplace dignity by supporting the efforts of low-wage, immigrant and contingent workers to improve wages and working conditions and to eliminate imbalances in power that lead to inequity.


We envision a world where all workers have collective power and access to justice, leading to safety, dignity, prosperity, and equity in the workplace.

We believe that:
• True, long-lasting and systemic change in the workplace must be led by low-wage, contingent and immigrant workers for a better future for all working families.

• The workplace protections must address fundamental imbalances in power and systemic oppression that can flourish in low-wage and contingent work.

• Enforcement of workplace protections must be robust, equitable and well-funded, involving workers themselves as agents of change.
Resources, public and private, must be directed to supporting low-income and immigrant workers if we want to see lasting changes for all workers.

• Low-wage and immigrant workers have the capacity to represent themselves and their communities’ interests, particularly if they have the information and support to do so.
We must center the humanity of workers in the way we think about our economy and the nature of work.





We provide support for organizing efforts;
We engage in worker education and outreach;


Our local, state and national policy collaborations strengthen workplace protections with a focus on legislative and administrative changes.
We work to expand access to employment-related legal assistance

We provide direct legal representation and litigation service for workers and their organizations; and In our advocacy, we use principles of international human rights.

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