NWJP Summer Volunteers/Clerks

Every quarter, NWJP hosts several law students and other volunteers who are committed to developing their knowledge and skills, and protecting workers’ rights. This past Spring, we were lucky to host 5 such students: Tre Dunn, Cosimo Gaudio, Rodrigo Narbona, Sarah Anderson and Sarah Osborn

Tre Dunn is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Oregon currently double-majoring in Sociology and Spanish, with a minor in Legal Studies. Growing up in Portland within a low-income, minority, family led Tre to gain an understanding for the struggles that underrepresented communities face, and to develop a passion for combating social injustices no matter the form. Due to Tre’s equal interests in the law, the Spanish language, and fighting against social inequalities, volunteering at NWJP seemed to be the perfect fit and most rewarding experience. At NWJP, Tre works as a volunteer legal assistant, helping the staff with tasks such as data entry, contacting clients, and many other ventures. Other than being a full-time student and volunteering at NWJP Tre enjoys countless other activities, including rafting, camping, and attending events such as concerts or sports games.

Cosimo Gaudio is a current undergraduate student at the University of Miami from Portland, Oregon. He is set to graduate in 2020 with a B.A. in Economics and History, and will then enroll in University of Miami Law School. He believes that his time at NWJP has provided him valuable exposure to his future career.

Rodrigo Narbona grew up in Chile, but has been living in the States for about 16 years. He is currently a law student at Lewis and Clark Law School and a fairly recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest. Before law school, Rodrigo studied philosophy at Northern Illinois University, where he received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. Keenly aware of some of the hardships immigrants face, Rodrigo is very excited to work alongside (and learn from) people who are passionate about worker rights and giving voiceless people the tools to stand up for themselves.

Sarah Anderson is a rising 3L at the University of Oregon. Outside of law school, Sarah enjoys craft beer and delicious food, and has been providing our office with delicious lunches from the Stretch the Noodle food cart.

Sarah Osborn is a law student at the University of Oregon and wants to practice labor or employment law after she graduates. She is also a Master's student in conflict and dispute resolution (ADR). Before coming to law school, Sarah studied economics and worked as a consumer and small business banker. Sarah is from Canada and enjoys exploring the Oregon mountains with her partner, Alisa, and dogs, Eddie and Bean. Her favorite part of being at NWJP is working alongside staff that are just as passionate about social justice and equity in the workplace!

Danya (left) and Sarah (right) went to the 9th Circuit Court on July 11 to watch oral arguments in support of Dallas, Oregon's school district policies allowing transgender students to use public facilities that match their gender identity.  Oregonian story here

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