NWJP Helps Launch a Nationwide Immigration Working Group of Worker Advocates

NWJP coordinates the Low Wage Worker Legal Network (LWWLN), which brings together low-wage worker advocates from legal organizations across the country to collaborate on how to better protect low-wage immigrant and temporary workers in the U.S. Since it was formed in 2004, the Network has grown to include 449 legal advocates in 34 states, the District of Columbia and Mexico. Two primary goals of the LWWLN are to facilitate joint training resources and to spark coordinated litigation and policy advocacy on low wage workers’ rights through organizing working groups of interested advocates.

In response to the Trump Administration’s new immigration priorities, the Network has launched a working group directed at focusing primarily employment-oriented programs on responding to the crisis of enhanced immigration enforcement in our communities.  This includes readying resources to protect immigrant worker clients, collaborating nationally to share expertise in educating on and defending immigrant rights, and cooperating with immigrant rights organizations to provide employment law experience. Still in the beginning phases of coordination, LWWLN’s immigration working group pools national resources with the hopes of providing a strong, competent response to threats that immigrants in our communities face.

If you are interested in becoming a member of LWWLN or its immigration working group, please contact Corinna Spencer-Scheurich at corinna@nwjp.org.

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