Who We Are

NWJP provides high quality legal support and education to workers and their organizations, focusing on the priority areas of:

  • Low-wage workers' organizing rights
  • Rights of immigrant workers
  • Rights of contingent workers (i.e., contract, part-time, day haul, temporary, etc.)
  • Effects of international trade on low-wage workers

NWJP litigates major cases, undertakes policy advocacy, and provides training to workers about employment and organizing rights. Through training, referral, and co-counseling, NWJP also enlists the participation of private, pro bono lawyers and publicly funded legal services lawyers in aspects of this work, thereby further expanding low-wage workers' access to legal help.

NWJP's work results in increased enforcement of the workplace rights of low-wage, contingent, and immigrant workers. While every worker cannot be guaranteed legal representation, every employer who disregards workers' employment and organizing rights faces the possibility of legal recourse. Most importantly, workers enjoy increased protection from arbitrary discharge for raising workplace issues and are more informed about workplace violations. Consequently, they are freer to advocate for themselves and exercise their right to organize collectively.

Standing for Dignity in the Workplace