What We Do

Direct Legal Representation

Our attorneys strive to provide the best legal services to our clients. Since 2003, NWJP has recovered almost $3 million in lost wages and damages for low-wage workers of all sectors. [More]

Legislative Advocacy

Structural changes call for structural solutions, so we understand that it is vital for low-wage workers to have strong laws that protect them. In addition to advocating against wage theft, we have also helped pass bills that provide family leave protections and remove barriers to access for our most vulnerable communities. [More]

Worker Education and Outreach

Knowledge is power. NWJP offers training and know-your-rights education to low-wage workers and leadership development so that they can educate their peers, understand their rights, and take action to improve their wages and working conditions. [More]

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Access to Employment Legal Services

By mentoring and training law students and new law graduates, and co-counseling with local attorneys, we help increase expertise around, and awareness of low-wage workers’ issues in the legal community, both in Oregon and nationally. [More]

Support for Organizing Efforts

There's strength in numbers, especially at work. Low-wage workers often want to unite and organize to take a stand against workplace abuses, and while joining a union is not always possible, they deserve the protection against retaliation guaranteed under the law. NWJP aids these workers' efforts and the organizations that support them. [More]

Use of International Human Rights’ Principles

We are bringing international law to bear in our own casework, building a worldwide network of attorneys and advocates who are exploring similar strategies, and looking for opportunities to invoke international law’s procedural mechanisms to focus attention on U.S. employment practices. [More]


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