vietnam war memorial defaced

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The Dorchester Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the University of Massachusetts at Boston's campus was defaced on Thursday, a day after restoration work to repair previous damage. The wall was spray-painted from one end to the other with giant white letters covering about a … Taggers defaced the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Venice just before Memorial Day. Veterans and community members help cleanup a Veterans Memorial containing the names of 2,273 unaccounted and missing in action (MIA) Vietnam war … National Park Service calls for nonviolent demonstrations. Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial defaced by vandals in rioting. LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles has been extensively defaced by graffiti. The image was of a Vietnam War memorial that had been vandalized. A photo of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial defaced by graffiti was shared on social media, along with false claims the damage occurred during recent protests in … This photo of a mural in Los Angeles to honor missing Vietnam veterans shows vandalism that occurred in 2016. Above the photo it said, “Well, your protest has lost me right there,” insinuating the damage was caused by … A Google reverse image search reveals this memorial — the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Venice, Los Angeles — was vandalized in 2016 with graffiti. ... the World War II Memorial and the statue of Gen. Casimir Pulaski. Filed Under: Memorial Vandalized, Venice, Vietnam War Memorial VENICE ( — Vandals defaced a memorial to Vietnam war veterans in Venice – an awful sight on this Memorial … Claim: The 9\/11 Memorial & Museum and the World War II Memorial, both in New York state, were vandalized during Black Lives Matter protests in the spring of 2020. National World War II Memorial is vandalized A photo shared on Twitter by the Friends of the National World War II Memorial shows vandalism to … That year, the mural was defaced by taggers, including a man named Angel Castro, who was sentenced to four years in prison for the crime, according to reporting by The Associated Press.

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