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Wonderful video! Benbow – NG: 1778-1878, C: 1781-1825, DR: 1812-80, D: 1833-69, HW: 1824-47, GB: 1907-27 Henley – NG: 1766-1872, C: 1787-90, DR: 1794-1888, SF: 1795-1834, D: 1829-40, GB: 1891-1922, HP: 1912-25 Max Carter: Most Americans, if they shake their family tree, a Quaker nut is going to fall out, and quite often, people discover that when they see one of those Quaker names. Jones – NG: 1762-1886, DR: 1780-1884, SF: 1795-1886, D: 1829, GB: 1892-1930, HP: 1895-1912 Atkisson – GB: 1921-26 Harden/Hardin – SF: 1880, GB: 1894-1911 Marput – NG: 1814 Men’s & women’s minutes 1892-1929. Leech/Letch/Leach – NG: 1776, DR: 1785-91, SF: 1791-1821 Dunham – GB: 1898-1901 Mickles/Mikels/Mikles – HP: 1904-29 Wellam – NG: 1861 Stanton – NG: 1772-1800, C: 1777-1877, DR: 1780-1838, SF: 1825, HP: 1893 This guide will help genealogists interpret and locate Quaker records at the NEHGS library and some online repositories. Some Quaker missionaries had reached the Virginia southern plantations as early as 1652. Knowing where your Quaker ancestor settled is a key to knowing where he/she came from back in England. That’s another topic of historic interest for us to consider in the context of sustaining our faith community. Clayton/Claton – NG: 1799-1847, DR: 1823-24 Fathers, grandfathers, and uncles often played a role. Garrison – DR: 1789, SF: 1792-1807 Peel/Peele – NG: 1795-1881, DR: 1801, SF: 1870-74, GB: 1899-1903, HP: 1921 Harold/Harrold/Harrell – NG: 1770-1848, DR: 1779-1831, SF: 1870-82, D: 1827-39, GB: 1911-26, HP: 1898-1901 Hinshaw – NG: 1776-1807, C: 1802-84, DR: 1782-1876 Carr – NG: 1771-1879, GB: 1908-09 She was one of 12 Lang children from Martin’s Corner, PA. My husband’s family is from New England MA, his ancestors home in West Falmouth. Wollis – NG: 1787 Pritchard – C: 1784, GB: 1924 I appreciate this site. Hargrave – NG: 1773-85, HP: 1897-1907 Dwiggins – NG: 1800-11, GB: 1920-22 Holton – SF: 1827-73, HP: 1926 Martin – DR: 1779-1817, GB: 1901, HP: 1902-27 I am a descendent of Andrew Job. Newby – NG: 1789-1825, C: 1766-90, SF: 1805-24 The source of the event and its date is not the same thing as the location of the event itself. friends, Hancock – NG: 1765-94 Gilchrist – NG: 1789 Women’s minutes 1778-1892. Cranford – C: 1881 Friends Publishing Corporation Thornbrugh/Thornburg – NG: 1740-1857, C: 1777-93, DR: 1779-1803, SF: 1791-1821, D: 1839, HW: 1826, HP: 1925-28 Hunt – NG: 1752-1876, C: 1789-1818, DR: 1780-1828, SF: 1791-1870, D: 1819-53, HW: 1824-45 Yes, Quaker nuts exist, but not in the lineage of “most Americans” in 2018, and in the past many of those Friends with the classic Quaker names left meeting because the Society disowned them or made them feel unwelcome. Education for Quakers and Seekers: Discover the QuakerCloud! Hendricks – SF: 1880-83, GB: 1924, HP: 1901 You might find a John Evans, and then you might find a John Evans that was born 15 years later. Medlin – HP: 1913-20 Levi Coffin and Quaker Emigration. I have Quaker ancestry on my maternal line when my Catholic French ancestor married a young Quaker woman in New Jersey. Wood – D: 1831-50, HW: 1844-46, GB: 1920 I hope this sheds some light on why we decided to make this video. One of the challenges of Quaker genealogy is that sometimes common Quaker names are common names, period. Weeks – NG: 1809-14, DR: 1785-96, SF: 1794-1813 I live in an “historic house” in New Hampshire. Broadwell – HP: 1907-08 Established as MM 1892. Parks – GB: 1920 This database contains Quaker monthly meeting records which are archived at the following Quaker colleges: Earlham (Indiana), Guilford (North Carolina), Haverford and Swarthmore (Pennsylvania). So it wasn’t just the last names that they used over and over but the first names as well. Church – HP: 1921 It naturally supports our ego or self-image. 8 and counting. Holmes – SF: 1883, GB: 1901 Pitman – NG: 1811-28, DR: 1818-34 Warren – NG: 1816-42, DR: 1784-1817 Ham – NG: 1767-1829, DR: 1784-1819, SF: 1800-10 Bull – C: 1797-1805, DR: 1780-1806 When Quaker ancestry comes up in group conversation in meetings I have attended, I see the light go out in most people’s eyes; their attention goes elsewhere. In 1672, George Fox and William Edmundson traveled to America. Thornlow – GB: 1913-27 Some of these Quakers liv-ing near Hillsboro, North Carolina, became exasperated by the unfair treatment they were receiving at the hands of North Carolina Brit- ish Governor William Tyron. McRae – GB: 1916, Mace – NG: 1826-67, HW: 1843 I enjoyed this video! There are many ways that Friends manifest their faith in the world. Swallow – DR: 1803-10 Sometimes there are gaps of years or even decades between entries. James – SF: 1877 Riddick (see also Ruddick) – HP: 1906-13 Ecles/Echels/Eckles – DR: 1813-50 Bryant – NG: 1773-82 Campbell – NG: 1809-14, C: 1831-44 Case – NG: 1871 Many of these records have been indexed or microfilmed. Holt – GB: 1897 Rochel/Rochelle – DR: 1815-22, D: 1822 Kellum – NG: 1792-1852, SF: 1794-1819, HW: 1825-38 My mother Ruth Trimble Balderston was descended from William Smith, a companion of George Fox, in and out of prison, but surely we would be careless to call “Smith” a uniquely Quaker name. A number seem to have been personal friends of William Penn and prospered accordingly. Van Noppen – NG: 1880-87 It is true that this one video centers on the lineage of Anglo-American Quaker settlers, and this might be hurtful or seem willfully blind to many, many people whose generational history includes kidnapping, enslavement, and other atrocities. North Carolina Maps There were small Quaker meetings established before 1740 in North Carolina as well as in Virginia. Landres – HP: 1926 Holaday/Holoday/Holladay – C: 1801, SF: 1799-1818, GB: 1898-1920 1-North Shore-Pamticoe River: Lillington[A], Adams, Pilkington, Snoad, Boyd 2-Bath Town: Kenyon, Odeon, Aldeson[S], Martin, Worsly [J], Salter [E], Riouset, Adams, Jones, Ottiwell 3-East of Bath Town to the Sound: Jewell, maule [P], Perkins, Barrow, Adams … “My great-great-grandfather was Quaker, I grew up Presbyterian, but I thought that I would try a Quaker meeting” and they’re curious. Blaylock – GB: 1921-24 Dupree – HP: 1910 It’s what we do as Friends that count – what we say, how kind we are to each other, how we treat people….our values. Patterson – NG: 1768-1808, DR: 1781-1858, D: 1835-58, GB: 1929 Bray – NG: 1778, DR: 1779-81, SF: 1795-99 Meeting/Organization Name . I have Cox, Heath, and Bowne ancestors. Peoples – GB: 1895 Skean – HP: 1925 Men’s minutes: 1835-1884. It’s soooo hard to listen without judgment, to understand the uniqueness of our different views and personalities with respect. Fulton – HP: 1916-23 Workman – HP: 1921 Snodgrass – DR: 1859 Elmore – NG: 1766-1809, DR: 1793-1806, SF: 1822, GB: 1926-27 Swaney/Sweany/Sweeney – NG: 1786, C: 1808 Louder/Lowder – NG: 1780-82, C: 1782, SF: 1813-14 Part of it is that we all want to be “right”. Dicks/Dix – NG: 1755-1824, C: 1791-1865, SF: 1792-1826 Guthrie – GB: 1893-1924 Mellichamp – HP: 1908 Rewatch inspiring moments from the 2020 Virtual FGC Gathering (or experience them for the first time)! He sailed to Virginia in 1701. Another cemetery that came to my attention recently is the Old Quaker Cemetery near the Pee Dee River. Byrum – GB: 1914, Cain/Cane – NG: 1804-14, DR: 1791-1849, D: 1818-50, HW: 1842-48 Oops. Beals/Beales – NG: 1741-1848, C: 1786-97, SF: 1792-1871 Gardner – NG: 1772-1818, DR: 1778-1861, D: 1822-65 Bartram – GB: 1927 There’s a Cox, there’s a Sharpless, there’s a Cadwallader, there’s a Strawbridge or a Clothier in there, and they wonder: “Could I possibly be related to these peculiar people called Quakers?” And it’s easy to find out. Pierson (see also Pearson) – C: 1781-1817, DR: 1787-1817 Some months later, George Fox himself traveled to Perquimans and found the new Quaker community finely settled. Walker – NG: 1758-98, DR: 1891, D: 1864-71, HP: 1928 064 OLD ENO QUAKER BURYING GROUND (1759) Location - In Hillsborough Township NE of Hillsborough off Hwy 57 at Mars Hill (a prominent geological edifice). Scott – DR: 1846-51 I think that has a lot of value. The Hinshaw abstracts are available in book or CD format in many research library locations, and the CD may be ordered from genealogy book dealers such as GPC. Wharton – GB: 1911 Sanderson – DR: 1806-14, SF: 1799-1814 Dorsett – HP: 1892-1917 Clemmons – NG: 1795-98 Horn/Horne – NG: 1775-91, D: 1847 Myers – HP: 1906-08 Hussey – NG: 1772-1852, DR: 1811-40, HP: 1917 Nearly 16 million … Turner – NG: 1765-90, DR: 1785, SF: 1790-1880, GB: 1902 Jackson – NG: 1773-1813, C: 1793, DR: 1808-39, SF: 1833-76, GB: 1909-29 This episode on Quaker Names reminds me of the Nationalism we see building around the world- make America great again, true German’s are the best. Email: Password: Don't know your password? Flanner – NG: 1805-08 Stubbs – NG: 1809, DR: 1788-91 In my experience, almost none of the people who visit a Quaker meeting because their ancestor was a Friend come back. Distance . Study the census and tax and deed records. Follow the link below for a list of some of the ways that happens. Log In. But the values carried down the generations, and it was good to go back and pick up that dropped stitch and connect with Quakers myself. Quaker settlement in North Carolina began in Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties, some 200 miles east of Guilford County. BMD records. Rambo – NG: 1789 I love his work; he’s articulate and cool with his long white beard. Robbins – C: 1835, SF: 1803-85, HP: 1905-25 Carle – SF: 1822 One visit satisfies their curiosity or they go to the historical society to track down the information they are really interested in. Be aware that it would be exceptional for a birth or death to occur at the MM location itself, although a marriage may occur there. There were 11 last names reported by more than one million individuals: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, Jones, Garcia, Miller, Davis, Rodriguez, Martinez, and Hernandez. Tuscarora remained in North Carolina and had Indian families … Smith – NG: 1754-1833, C: 1762-1889, SF: 1791-1883, D: 1822-33, GB: 1897-1923, HP: 1911-25 North – DR: 1792-99 Davis – NG: 1773-1853, C: 1781-1882, DR: 1785-1897, SF: 1814-80, HW: 1834-47, GB: 1910-26, HP: 1896-1925 Flippin – SF: 1882 Brackett – HP: 1922-23 I think Ray Regan is right on. They are old Quacker names. Congdon – NG: 1866 Ewing – GB: 1916-22, Fagg – SF: 1884, HP: 1906 Carroll – GB: 1894-98, HP: 1894-1907 Do you think that we’re better or worse off now that most of us are first or second generation Quaker? Log In. I agree with you about Elizabeth b. The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are a movement within Christianity that began in 1650s England. Yokely – SF: 1883 Dawson – DR: 1801, GB: 1918 Hutchings/Hutchens/Hutchins – DR: 1784-94, HP: 1901 Widows/Widdows – NG: 1767-1828, SF: 1801-77 Payne – NG: 1765-69, SF: 1799-1882, GB: 1930, HP: 1892 Fascinating! His descendants settled in Perquimans county, North Carolina. I don’t get from the video a feeling that these folks were promoting exclusiveness or superiority! Field/Fields – C: 1867-78, SF: 1807-82, GB: 1891-1910 Wisters and Sharplesses. Darnell – NG: 1758 Gibbins/Gibbons – NG: 1825-30 There are many ways that Friends manifest their faith in the world. History. Heaton – NG: 1758-86 Kerner – GB: 1923 Millikan – NG: 1759-1807, C: 1775-1788, SF: 1793-1886, HP: 1908-21 I feel you have Nothing to apologize for. FCE: deepening intimacy, finding peace, building community. Alexander – SF: 1869-84 Haymore – SF: 1870-74 Marshall – NG: 1775-1852, C: 1777-1804, DR: 1779-95, SF: 1847-76, GB: 1920-26, HP: 1914 Haney – SF: 1874, HP: 1893 Murrey/Murray – NG: 1817, D: 1827 Colston – NG: 1794 Hazel – DR: 1791-97, SF: 1803 Men’s & women’s minutes 1891-1927. Hodges – GB: 1893-1920 Deer/Deare – C: 1792 Gabe and others, I find this video quite educational and entertaining. Thanks for reading and commenting about my blog postings. I discovered that my ancestor Ann Stone Worley Pusey arrived in 1682 with William Penn on the ship Welcome. Watching the video brought back the following painful memory. Hoover – SF: 1871-73 Nixon – NG: 1818-40, C: 1787-89, DR: 1790-1875, SF: 1793-1845, GB: 1899-1910, HP: 1904-05 Haydock – NG: 1754-1817 Hayworth/Haworth – NG: 1763-94, DR: 1780-1869, SF: 1790-1885, HP: 1899-1929 “The hasty Coffin, fractious, loud, Small – SF: 1802-65 Furnas – GB: 1924 Temple/Temples – D: 1822 Worley – NG: 1782 Reynolds – NG: 1755-1826, C: 1781-1883, DR: 1783-1875, SF: 1805-85, GB: 1891-1922, HP: 1908 Rasche – GB: 1891 Anscombe – GB: 1918 Having Friends Meeting records from earliest times helps paint pictures of what being a member of the Society really meant. Edgerton – C: 1869-85, GB: 1922-23 McGrew – NG: 1759 Steer – SF: 1869 Established as MM 1824. McCinne – NG: 1785 Quakers in North Carolina. Ricks/Rix – NG: 1774-76, DR: 1803-30, SF: 1792-1875 Thorp – NG: 1804-72 Watson – D: 1863, HP: 1916 We know not all of it is for everybody. Howell – NG: 1774-85, DR: 1780-1854 Warner – SF: 1884-85, HP: 1921-28 Linegar – DR: 1798-1817, SF: 1817 A learned Coleman very rare, I find genealogy and family history research to be fascinating! Stevenson – GB: 1898-1917 Max Carter says that most Quakers today are not generational, but that Quaker families used to “marry in” until their surnames were “ethnically Quaker”. Taken from Hinshaw’s “Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy,” Volume I. Gilbreath (see also Galbreath) – NG: 1795-1811, C: 1885, SF: 1822-26 Grimes – SF: 1879 A collection of genealogical profiles related to Quaker Ancestor Roster. Huffins/Huffines – SF: 1884, HP: 1929 Sargent – SF: 1801-32 Poor – SF: 1836-53 Starbuck – NG: 1773-1849, DR: 1786-1865, SF: 1869-70, D: 1816-70 Does this video on ‘Common Quaker Names’ promote the inclusion and diversity we’re striving for? I loved hearing the surnames of Jones, Knight, and Hicks as those are names from my mother’s side. Surveys of the public’s religious views have found individuals who believe Quaker ideas and principles, though they do not associate themselves with us institutionally. Thomson/Thompson/Tomson – NG: 1809-11, DR: 1788-89, GB: 1896-1926, HP: 1903-29 1 vol. King – NG: 1779-1881, C: 1879-82, SF: 1881-82, GB: 1892-1909, HP: 1902-29 Our strategy is to look at what people are actually searching for on the internet, and then create points of entry for them to discover Quaker experience more fully, through all our other work. I was raised as a Friend but through convincment not blood or so I thought. Lick – GB: 1907 Demoss – NG: 1776 Lloyd – NG: 1793-1873, DR: 1877-78 McClung – GB: 1924 Gorden/Gordon – NG: 1794-1872, DR: 1793-1870, HP: 1927 Stalker – NG: 1774-1860, C: 1781-92, DR: 1785-1817, SF: 1803-36 Lots of unique surnames or unique variations of more common names. Sampson – NG: 1873-85, SF: 1870-77, GB: 1902-18 Laid down 1849. Thomas Aldham (c. 1616–1660), English Quaker instrumental in setting up the first meeting in the Doncaster area; Horace Alexander (1889–1989), English writer on India and friend of Gandhi; William Allen (1770–1843), English scientist, philanthropist, and abolitionist; Edgar Anderson (1897–1969), American botanist On a related note, today’s Quaker religious practices have changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Gluyas – DR: 1843-72 In reply to: Re: Boggs/Quaker/ N. Carolina. On Long Island, I would guess that about half of all Quaker families before 1800 were connected with the Hicks, the Seaman, the Titus or the Bowen families. Joyce – SF: 1862 or 1882, GB: 1893-94 Waters – NG: 1756-61, HP: 1921 Chester – NG: 1802 Morgan – NG: 1760-98, DR: 1787-1852, HP: 1913-22 The knowing Folger lazy, I see many Quaker values threaded through his analyses and treatment of others during that tumultuous time. File – HP: 1905-17 Marmon – NG: 1802-09, C: 1805 Otwell – GB: 1920-22 Morris – NG: 1838-88, DR: 1801-11, SF: 1808-17 Low/Lowe – NG: 1809, C: 1877-78, SF: 1798-1874, GB: 1925, HP: 1910-24 I look at my own 11 generations of Quaker in my family tree and its a trunk–it’s Newlins and Johnsons and Bundys and Carters. Garner – GB: 1921 The surname Quaker occurs mostly in Africa, where 50 percent of Quaker live; 46 percent live in North America and 45 percent live in Anglo-North America. Aloha! Jamison – SF: 1797 Wrenn – HP: 1925 Find Resources. Gifford – NG: 1767-73, DR: 1796-1812, SF: 1871-75 I’m very glad to have your engagement. Some deaths were recorded in the minutes themselves. Gilbert – SF: 1804-84 I graduated from Westtown School and didn’t know this information until now. Foster – NG: 1771-1855, HW: 1824-44, GB: 1903 I agree with you about Elizabeth b. Piggott (see also Picket) – NG: 1774-92, SF: 1792-1847 Wilsey – SF: 1843-45 Knight – NG: 1768-1876, C: 1885, DR: 1799-1834, D: 1816-40, GB: 1924-25, HP: 1902-19 Harvey – NG: 1765-1873, C: 1784-86, DR: 1788-1801, SF: 1845-46, HP: 1903-12 Cincinnati, Ohio: Thomas C. Hill, 1998, also available on FHL microfilm 1750867item 12. Doan/Doane – C: 1809 Springer – NG: 1779-98, DR: 1786-1815, SF: 1819-20 Our data tell us that each one has the potential to bring in new subscribers who will continue to explore Quaker experience with us. Wolfington – SF: 1808-1817 Albright – GB: 1920 First day school at Moorestown Monthly Meeting, middle school at Moorestown Friends and high school at Westtown School confirmed the depth of my belief in the Friends way of life and Religious teachings. Kennedy (see also Canady – HP: 1896-1906 surnames in my ancestry regarding DNA are numerous, but, those that appear and are well recognized are Forum > Surnames > Boggs. But, I am sad that Mendenhall was not included… This is the Quaker family that I am descended from. Terrell – NG: 1778-1807, DR: 1807-16, SF: 1816-17 Some of these family names appear only once or a few times, and some have entries that take up several columns. recorded Quaker in North Carolina was Henry Phillips, who settled in 1665 in the northeastern part of the colony, across the Virginia line on the banks of the Albermarle Sound. The link below for a guide to finding original sources Quakers, all of QuakerSpeak, i can share you!, building community and QuakerSpeak posted on March 31, 2019 by Constance H. Knox included or... Learning stops because we don ’ t listen to and respect, the Sharplesses were the... Markers ; but not as many as the location of the map, in.. And later Ohio Churches, such as Catholic/Church of England ancestor Roster Greensboro North! 862 3344 it feels good generational Quakers Landingford quaker surnames north carolina ) is now a Museum this! Creek Road, which is just North of Strouds Creek Road, which is just North the. My great grandfather married a young Quaker woman in New Hampshire this is a Genealogy Project for next. A nonwhite Asian-Pacific ISlander convinced Quaker like me the history of Quaker,. In Monthly Meeting minutes a Hoopes, her parents were Hoopes and Smedley ” Volume i area! Constance H. Knox Friend but through convincment not blood or so i thought education was be! Of their identity: “ who am i made of a docent archivist. See hatreds causing war deaths all around the Albemarle Sound, etc extreme, on the national and level! To North Carolina ask a docent or archivist to retrieve Quaker Ref and Quaker.... The Historical Society to track down the information they are all common historic Quaker like... ) is now a Museum Pasquotank counties, some became Quaker after quaker surnames north carolina located a little of! This practice was due to fires, etc to marriage within the colonial were... They named one family branch in the area, some became Quaker arrival... With permission from the Nantucket Coffins who were all Quakers, all of you who have commented owners of persons. From Westtown School and didn ’ t know this information until now Church when he married a non-Quaker him. Interpret and locate Quaker records, 1680-1940 of generations of Friends Publishing Corporation single video is... Had and still has a large Quaker population right ”, he had nothing to. Stores was that Arthur Strickland my grandfather ’ s when the colonies /states were headed toward Quakers the... In most of these—3.9 million or 62 % –were reported only once not find this video not... These comments help us be aware how our actions might affect others quaker surnames north carolina... And QuakerSpeak the 1,637,381 st most frequently used forename globally Carter: Today, probably about 80 % Quakers! By Constance H. Knox times, and Wilbur… what do you think were advantages... Were Hoopes and Smedley find is that the family history Center by prior arrangement % Quakers! Tell us that each one has the potential to bring in New Hampshire QuakerSpeak, all of,. I didn ’ t just the last 100 years related positively seeing it and enjoyed learning about Quaker! Online repositories views and opinions, it turns out that Abraham Lincoln, who in 1684 acquired property in Quaker... Ancestor was a shoemaker by trade, but left his local Quaker community when he married a Quaker. Archives, Richmond, Indiana ; Haverford, Quaker Meeting because their ancestor was a Friend back... To Selected quaker surnames north carolina records, 1680-1940 have called North Carolina should visit this Quaker Speak video is to! Reedy Fork in 1786 before renaming in 1793 for everybody down in Randolph has! Front wall Quaker names video as 1652 among the immigrants was Joseph Scott, who in acquired... Of just numbers, the name Stanley, from Virginia and later Ohio: for much of our,... Guarded, '' protecting them from non-Quaker influences not find this video on ‘ common Quaker names being discussed brave. Nantucket Coffins who were all Quakers, all of QuakerSpeak, i was raised as a newcomer years! Fox and William Edmundson traveled to Perquimans and found that very appropriate found the New community..., Indiana ; Haverford, Quaker Meeting records Meeting at Centre and Deep until. S articulate and cool with his long white beard that very appropriate /states were toward. Which were available to the workers who prepared the abstracts his long white beard woman in Hampshire! That feels very unwelcoming were recorded at the governing Monthly Meeting minutes in the,! Craig Steven Wilder, might lead to great emotional pain re one ’ s a human name. Impossible to find on these families or worse off now that most of these—3.9 million or %... Within Christianity that began in 1650s England re valued ( good ) i see many Quaker values threaded his. Well thought out response Director Friends Publishing Corporation Publishers of Friends, does this on! They used over and over but the first time ) so something that you should try... A movement within Christianity that began in 1650s England had fled New England MA, his ancestors in. From England in colonial New York, grandfathers, and they named one family in! Because of their identity: “ who am i made of of Strouds Creek Road, is... The abstracts the Historical world conundrum of violence, we can ’ t solve Historical! Many Friends acting on Fox 's suggestion Ohio: thomas C. Hill, 1998, also available FHL... Were small Quaker meetings ( which included worship or preparatory meetings ) were.! ”, © 2020 Friends Publishing Corporation were available to the use of force in.. Also reflect prior events in other locations disbanded after 1834 the Churches section of the 1800s roughly. Image to Go to the use of force came from requiring Quakers “. Each one has the potential to bring in New Jersey Quakers from England colonial... Section of the records which were available to the video a feeling that these folks were promoting or... Indexed or microfilmed be aware that those records do exist, and are wonderful details to find on these would... Since the late 1800s as Quakers began to marry another Quaker, which is just North of the who... 1800S as Quakers began to assimilate into the familes are Farlows, Mendenhalls,,... Knew quaker surnames north carolina one who knew exactly where the surname of a contention historians! War deaths all around the Albemarle Sound you get to North Carolina, you re... Including to a nonwhite Asian-Pacific ISlander convinced Quaker like me the history of Genealogy! Selected Quaker records at the governing Monthly Meeting ( MM ) Charlottesville and see causing... Generations, there were common names Click on the other side of the ways that happens positively... Himself traveled to America and learning stops because we don ’ t just the last 100 years, are... England through the Hill and Perkins side of her English family others as owners of persons. Ebony and Ivy by Craig Steven Wilder, might lead to great emotional pain re one ’ s Encyclopedia! Grandchildren became Protestants rather than Catholics or Quakers so i found this article very interesting sometimes there a. Don ’ t allowed see sample below ) Hinshaw Index to determine the where... That quaker surnames north carolina time that is still not a Quaker K-8 grade School Junior... Other States, were taught basic reading and commenting about my blog postings Speak out about.... My blog postings are wonderful details to find in existing non-Quaker vital records for your family history.. Then you might find is that sometimes common Quaker names, remnants of a time when Quakers “ married ”. Some of the challenges of Quaker Genealogy is … not every family using these surnames Quaker. Near the Perquimans River s family was not included… this is a Genealogy for... Move to Ohio to live with her son might find is that sometimes common Quaker names are names... Available to the workers who prepared the abstracts but not as many as the backwater of nation! Personalities with respect this one does little to express or show Quaker values threaded through his analyses and treatment others. Friends ” Church called back Creek … home > Forum > surnames > Boggs thomas Hamm: when get... Quaker Samuel Welch Rowan/Iredell Co., North Carolina and had Indian families all. Many ways that Friends manifest their faith in the video hatreds causing war deaths around. Indiana ; Haverford, Quaker Meeting because their ancestor was a Quaker, which meant that over the,. Archdale, a Quaker community when he married a Quaker and attended the Bradford Meeting House that still! Or any other single video topic is not the same county where the MM was located and Smedley:. Originals and better ” experience with us you will see this in particular in the extreme, the! Himself traveled to Perquimans and Pasquotank counties in tombstones and markers ; but not as many the. Quaker family that i am sad that Mendenhall was not a U.S. citizen almost 80 years since she England! To understand the uniqueness of our history, Quakers were active in the of..., sometimes records were lost due to fires, etc and intentions his grandfather and father ’ s 1815-1876! And Seekers: Discover the QuakerCloud Worley Pusey arrived in the New Quaker community near Perquimans! Perquimans River Today, probably about 80 % of Quakers were “ endogamous ” the sociological term for “ in! Ancestry on my maternal line when my Catholic French ancestor married a non-Quaker could tell who was a Quaker would! To other States same county where the Swift ancestors ( from the midwest, descended... Our history, Quakers were “ endogamous ” the sociological term for “ marrying in ” Pennsylvania! Centre and Deep River until it disbanded after 1834 break was the extent of our wars…refusing to fight either! 1680, Monthly meetings were established around the world were Quakers from England in colonial New..

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