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[112], The next day, just before sunset, Levi along with the other Survey Corps leaders salute the higher-ups of the brass, including Darius Zackly and Commander Pixis. Though Levi's squad escapes intact, Armin is deeply bothered by the fact he was willing to kill someone and Levi explains to him that he was able to pull the trigger because he knew that if he did not, then Jean would have died. He is usually either frowning or expressionless; that, plus his extremely calm demeanor, often makes it difficult for others to guess what he is thinking. Eren is hesitant to act until Levi pushes him to make a choice, just like he did back when they were facing the Female Titan. Follow. Seeing Levi's mistreatment, Furlan insists they were all self-taught. He tosses a chair through a window to distract the squad members outside before emerging himself and firing a grappling line into the throat of the nearest one. The alarmed Squad threatens him, and Levi has to defuse the situation. It was also confirmed that due to living in the Underground in an unsanitary state in his younger years, he longed for a clean home. [21], Levi makes a break for it, frustrated that Kenny can read all of his moves and shocked that Kenny of all people has become an MP. Shocked, Levi questioned him on why he abandoned him and is told that the reason he left Levi was because he believed he was not fit to be a parent. After seeing that Reiner survived the brutal attack, Levi angrily laments that he was not able to kill Reiner. Levi Ackerman. Skeptical, Levi tells him that they will run out of men before they can uncover it. Chapter [117], When Reiner is discovered by one of the Survey Corps members and attempts to attack Armin, Levi attacks Reiner, shoving his blade through the nape of his neck and stabbing him, before kicking him to the ground. Returning to the warehouse, Armin is deeply bothered to have killed someone, and Levi attempts to comfort him by explaining to him that he was able to pull the trigger because he knew that if he did not, then Jean would have died. Dimo and his son, Flegel Reeves, are present as well and Levi insists that they stay. The Cart Titan's Panzer Unit makes a surprise attack, eliminating many of the Corps and forcing them to fall back. They manage to retake the wagon, but Jean is unable to do so and finds himself on the wrong side of a gun. [86], Jean tests their character to see where their hearts truly lie and when it is clear they have no intention of killing him or following their original orders, he believes this is enough to convince Levi to trust them. holby city ric ... eruri erwin smith levi ackerman erwin x levi attack on titan shingeki no kyojin happy valentines day watercolor sepiaink. ), is the squad captain (兵士長 Heishichō?, lit. Hearing Zeke scream, Levi shouts at him to shut up, explaining that this has to be done to prevent him from becoming a Titan. When the group find that Eren's key cannot open the locked door, Levi proceeds to kick the door open. Levi attempts to apologize to Erwin for failing to kill the Beast Titan, but Hange informs him that Erwin has already died. Kenny Ackermann is extremely tight-lipped about it. [62], Levi discusses the plan and Nick's murder, Levi, Hange, and members of their squads retreat to a remote cabin where Eren and Historia are being hidden. Despite his preoccupation with cleanliness, Levi is abrasive and not very approachable. For being the boss of one of the highest ranks of where he lives, he is sent on a mission to a secret ... Add to library 761 Discussion 424. Weight But why? After Historia's coronation, Levi is confronted by the new queen, who punches him and dares him to retaliate now that she is queen. The next morning, Levi and his squad visit Commandant Keith Sadies to find out what he knows about Eren's father Grisha. He orders Eren to give him all his gas and blades so that he can continue the chase, but Eren panics and demands that Levi give Armin, who has been mortally wounded, the Titan injection he is carrying. Since Erwin is exhausted from his ordeal, Levi notifies him that he has taken the liberty of selecting members for his new Special Operations Squad. His first appearance was in the side story called "Captain Levi" included on volume 3 (2010). December 25th[2] Levi is first seen leaving Trost District with the Survey Corps in the year 850. Levi and his squad exit the cavern through a hole made in the ceiling above and see the trail of destruction left in the wake of Rod Reiss' Titan. [123], Levi punches Eren for his insubordination over the serum, Appalled at Eren and Mikasa, Levi reminds them of how important Erwin's survival is, and orders them not to let their feelings bias their decision. Levi is excellent at using the omni-directional mobility gear, to a point that everyone says he is the best at it. Levi Ackermann リヴァイ・アッカーマンRivai Akkāman Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death, The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2, Isayama's blog from the 20th of October 2010, Interview of Isayama from the 8th of June 2011, http://yusenki.tumblr.com/post/141836483282/au-smartpass-erwin-levi-close-up-interview, http://yusenki.tumblr.com/post/141485724499/au-smartpass-erwin-levi-close-up, FRaU August 2014 issue English fan translation, https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/Levi_Ackermann_(Anime)?oldid=304293, His name is Hebrew in origin, and means "attached" or "joining. [133], Levi learns Yelena and Onyankopon's mission, One year after the Battle of Shiganshina District, Levi and other members of the Survey Corps make contact with the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, Yelena and Onyankopon, who rebel against the rest of the Marleyan crew on their ship. At this point, Erwin is melancholic, but Levi makes the decision and swears that he will take down the Beast Titan after telling his commander that he must die for them. Former occupation [11], During the month Eren with Levi's squad, Hange conducts experiments to try to get Eren to transform. He also reminds Levi that they do not want to cause a scene. Though Levi is aware that his battle skill is in a different league from that of almost any other human soldier alive, he is not arrogant about it, as he knows from experience that no human soldier is invulnerable. Levi's obedience is strictly limited to individuals he respects, and he has no problem showing open disdain for authority from anyone outside of this circle. She only knows that her father's family was persecuted, and not the reason why. Aside from his extraordinary battle skill, Levi has shown a profound ability to quickly analyze situations, and make calculated decisions in the heat of battle. Levi is seen leaving Trost District, along with the rest of the Survey Corps, on the 56th Expedition Beyond the Walls—the same day the Colossus Titan attacks the district. Near dawn, the Scout Regiment walks on foot through a forest on a mountain, leading their horses. [135] Once the Survey Corps agrees to work with Yelena and Onyankopan, Levi assists them in capturing the soldiers sent on future Marleyan expeditions. [5] Furthermore, he was considered extremely strong even before joining the Scout Regiment. Levi has formidable physical strength, which is no doubt evident by his mastery of the vertical maneuvering equipment. While Levi shows loyalty and empathy for his comrades, he shows no mercy towards the Titans, slaughtering them indiscriminately with obvious indifference. He arrives first, out of the two squads sent, and immediately kills two Titans,[8] ordering the soldiers under his command that they cannot die. [137], Levi is on standby as the Beast Titan sends debris flying into the surrounding area. He has also tortured Djel Sannes with Hange Zoë, punching him and twisting his already broken nose. Reeves reveals that there was no deal so much as if his company did not cooperate his employees would be out of jobs and he would be dead. The Squad decides to postpone any further experiments. Alias Male c. 829 Levi is one of the most powerful of the soldiers in Undeterred, Levi savagely twists and breaks the MP's arm for not answering his question. [149] As Zeke butchers the final Titan and throws the bloody pieces at him, Levi dodges Zeke's attack while chopping up large tree branches to hide himself in mid-air. Over hearing a fight breaking out among the younger recruits, Levi cuts in to stop them and tell them to prepare for the beginning of the ceremony. However, Levi is interrupted and shocked when the Cart Titan snatches Zeke and carries him away in its mouth. This is enough to break Sannes and he confesses that the Reiss family is the true royal bloodline. [56] Levi, still injured, does not participate in the subsequent operation in the Stohess District; during this part of the arc he is only seen with Erwin. [16] Levi himself, still injured, does not participate in the subsequent operation in the Stohess District. He suggests they capture one of the Yeagerists and force them to eat Zeke; then when Historia gives birth several months from now and is ready to inherit, they will feed the Yeagerist to her. Beforehand, Levi, Erwin, Eren, and the other survivors reunite in the old Scout Regiment HQ. They find a trail left by a Titan crawling along the ground, and follow it until they reach the edge of Paradis Island. Armin shows remorse for the measures his comrades have taken for him, but Levi advocates that he should not be regretful. [29] Seeing through Kenny's bluff, Levi points out that if Kenny was inclined to use it, he would have done so already. [citation needed] This reverse-grip technique may have been inspired by Kenny Ackerman's lessons on knife-wielding, in which Levi learned at a young age how to hold a blade in a reverse grip. Ackermann familyUnnamed great-grandfather (deceased)Kuchel Ackermann (mother, deceased)Kenny Ackermann (uncle, deceased)Mikasa's father (relative, deceased)Mikasa Ackermann (relative) Levi decides to stay with the Scouts and as another expedition starts, he tells himself that he will not regret his choice.[4]. In a private follow-up between the heads of the military, Erwin decides to entrust Levi with the Titan injection since he has the highest chance of surviving. Furlan decided to test Levi's strength by having him fight a group of thugs. He and Miche attack her and try to cut her hands, only to discover her ability to harden her skin. [77] While his squad waits in an alley for their part in the rescue plan, Levi along with most of Hange's manages to catch up with the First Interior Squad in town and spy on the hearse and coffins that they suspect are carrying Eren and Historia. Levi is skeptical, but Jean steps in and asks if he can handle this. Shortly after, Eren, Armin and Mikasa talk about their returning home and Levi listens to them while in the barn. Both Levi and Mikasa are surprised to hear the last name, but they are interrupted by people approaching on foot before they can question the MP further. [158] Levi negotiates with the soldiers, pointing out that they have a common goal in killing Zeke. Levi and Erwin discuss future plans after retaking Wall Maria. The Scout Regiment regroups in Orvud District in preparation to fight Rod. Levi reassures his team that Armin is unhurt, as he would have transformed otherwise, and begins devising a plan to act as bait for the Titans while the rest of the group tries to save him. Erwin orders the Scouts to retreat back to the Calaneth District. Though he will not personally offer them any information, he agrees to reveal the identity of a person who is able to speak about the secrets of the Walls: Historia Reiss. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter had just been killed; Levi remained silent, he was too overcome with grief to reply. Despite his small stature, his body is well built with heavy muscle, making him very strong, and easily able to defeat his opponents. Levi is left too injured by the impact to move, but manages to use the last of his strength to save Connie from being devoured by a Titan. Levi informs them that Annie was the Titan hiding in Stohess, and is currently being held for the destruction she caused. [2], After one of many heists pulled with their gang, Furlan was placed in charge of dividing the profits from the job among his comrades. Levi leaves Armin to take care of an injured Hange while he and the others chase after them. This method involves holding his right sword backhanded with the blade facing out and being behind him instead of in front of him. [129], Once the information obtained from Eren's basement is released to the world, Hange and Levi meet with Roy and Peaure to discuss the revelations and how the public are handling it. He rarely shows emotion, giving a cold impression to others. Following the expedition, Levi accompanies Oruo as he goes to apologize to Hange for insulting them during the expedition. Human After the Jaw Titan sneaks behind and jumps on the back of the Attack Titan, Levi takes note and goes to intercept it. Acting Information When dealing with individuals he perceives to be enemies to mankind, Levi is capable of behaving sadistically, even vindictively. Levi calls for his squad to take them down and the team springs into action. He tries to persuade Erwin to sit out on the upcoming mission to retake Wall Maria and to leave it to the others, telling him that in his weakened state, Erwin will simply be Titan food and that he is not willing to carry along any extra baggage. On Erwin's order, Levi and the rest of the Scout Regiment elite try to protect her from them, but they fail. [114] Eventually, they reach Shiganshina District and ride in on their horses. We first learned more about the Ackerman family's unique powers through the stories of Kenny and his nephew, Levi. Kenny is heavily wounded and Levi sends the other soldier away, saying he will be fine on his own. [38] Levi tells Eren not to take their actions personally, and that they have good intentions. [72] This allows Sannes to overhear a staged conversation between Levi and Ralph, where Levi claims that Ralph told them everything and Ralph in turn pretends to have no care for Sannes, calling him a pain, and asking if there will be a bed in his cell. Levi takes cover from Kenny's gunfire and, immediately anticipating that Kenny will flank him, successfully counters the older man's next attack. That said, Levi's full abilities with his blades are still tremendous, able to carve the Beast Titan's arm into multiple clean pieces so fast they fell in unison. This subreddit was made to show your love and appreciation for Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン), humanity's strongest soldier, character of the manga/anime Attack on titan (進撃の巨人), created by Hajime Isayama (諫山 創). [110], Levi threatens to break both of Erwin's legs, During a meeting with other members of the Survey Corps, Levi sits silently and listens to Hange tell Erwin what Keith Shadis explained to them on their visit. [25] There, he found a young and squalid Levi sitting in front of his mother's bed. Occupation Learning that Reeves was coerced into aiding Kenny, Levi proposes that the Reeves Company take up with the Scout Regiment in exchange for protection and aid in rebuilding Trost, to which Reeves reluctantly agrees. However, his leg is caught in the Titan's jaw and Mikasa is forced to save him. Nonetheless, Levi has proven himself capable of taking on powerful possessors of the power of the Titans in a one-on-one situation where his vertical maneuvering equipment can be utilized to its utmost. There, he found a young and squalid Levi sitting in front of his mother's bed. Eren is hesitant to act until Levi pushes him to make a choice, just like he did back when they were facing the Female Titan. He asks Erwin what the hell is he smiling for, to which Erwin replies that they are one step closer to the truth. Scout RegimentSpecial Operations Squad [24], However, the newcomers turn out to be Hange and Moblit, who have come with new that the military's coup has been successful. Noticing the sudden arrival of Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan, Levi orders the surviving soldiers to regroup and stares down the Beast Titan. Not bothering to ask him any questions, Levi immediately begins torturing Sannes until Hange and Moblit arrive to help. For example, as seen when Levi bested Zeke again in a forest terrain where his vertical equipment could be properly employed.[167]. When embarking on expeditions outside the Walls, he also wears the Survey Corps' green hooded cloak. [2], Shortly after the heist begins, the trio is pursued by more than the usual Military Police. However, he will not hesitate to touch filth if he deems it necessary.[20][21]. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Finally, the Scouts once again ventures outside of Wall Maria on an expedition for the first time in six years. [156], Since he was near Zeke when the Thunder Spear was activated, Levi's face is severely scarred by the resulting debris; in addition, Levi also lost two of the fingers on his right hand. [4], They undergo training as part of their cover. Passing out from pain, Levi begins to fall and is only saved when Connie manages to catch him. As they make their escape, he tells his squad that they must kill their pursuers whenever they have the opportunity, but Jean is unable to do so and finds himself on the wrong side of a gun. [55] A few days later, Eren is summoned to the Capitol for a trial to decide his fate. As he watches Erwin, Levi recalls his order to Erwin to give up on his dreams and die with the rest of the Survey Corps' recruits, and the look of relief on Erwin's face at the order. Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps, and is said to be humanity's strongest soldier. He then realizes that the human inside the Female Titan may have escaped, and he orders Levi to replenish his gas canisters and blades.[51]. [152], While Levi steers the cart, Zeke begins muttering about his plan to euthanize Eldia in order to ensure the world's safety. [63], However, Hange also wants to lay low because Minister Nick has been murdered. Levi was visibly affected by the loss of his entire original Special Operations Squad at the hands of the Female Titan, stating that he carries the will of his fallen comrades, and that their collective grudge against the Titans further strengthens his resolve to continue to fight. They take their uniforms with the intention of infiltrating the Military Police to find out where Eren and Historia have been taken. Members of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad ambush Levi, using vertical maneuvering equipment modified for use with firearms, and he takes cover in a bar to avoid being shot. Voice actor Eren's Titan form then crystallizes, stabilizing the cavern around the squad, preventing them from being crushed. Child At one point, Levi intercepts one of the Female Titan's attacks, by using her hand to launch himself towards her mouth before she could hit Mikasa. [18], Levi arrives in Trost District with the Scout Regiment, though his injury from fighting the Female Titan forces him to remain a bystander. Levi eventually joins his squad at the cabin, checking the underside of a table for dust. He is quite short, but his physique is well-developed in musculature from extensive vertical maneuvering equipment usage. Should that happen, Levi says, he will not hesitate to cut Eren down. They’re so cute. The other soldier, Marlo Freudenberg, asks if the Scout Regiment really killed the people from the Reeves Company and Levi replies that it was the Interior Military Police, which causes Marlo to offer helping him to set things right. Alias [13], Levi's reaction to the words of Petra's father, During the Scout Regiment's retreat to Calaneth, the remainder of the Scouts are attacked by several Titans after one of the soldiers went to retrieve back the body of his fallen comrade. Levi Ackerman is a supporting character in the Attack on Titan series by Hajime Isayama. Professional Information [21], Levi decides to take everyone to Trost District because it would be safer than the interior and they can use omni-directional mobility gear in the city. Rather than sleeping in a bed, Levi just sleeps in his chair. [47] After Erwin orders the cannons to be loaded with explosives and aimed at the Female Titan's wrists, Levi, standing on her head, taunts her with threats of violence, telling her he would like to face her in her human form over the deaths of countless of his soldiers. [14], Levi was raised by Kenny in the Underground as a child, In a rare showing of compassion, Kenny decided to take care of him. Levi: MC fell asleep with their head on my lap and kissed my cheek when they woke up. They move into the old Survey Corps HQ inside Wall Rose. Before Levi's mentality can sink any further, Erwin tells him not to regret his choices, or eventually, he will no longer be able to make any of his own. Hange decides that they and Moblit will go after Erwin, but she leaves Abel, Keiji, and Nifa behind to assist Levi. Levi narrowly dodges being shot, but Nifa is killed instantly. Levi orders Eren to sleep in the castle dungeon so that if he accidentally transforms, he will not cause problems. Eren and Mikasa try to convince Levi of Armin's value, while Floch argues that Levi is correct to save Erwin, and a fight between them is only narrowly avoided by the arrival of Hange, who pulls Mikasa off of Levi. Levi and his squad track the kidnappers to their hideout. Levi holds a meeting with his squad along with Keiji, Nifa, and the goggled soldier from Hange's squad. He then orders that they and the rest of the Corps to go back to their quarters and go to bed. [14], Levi eventually became acquainted with Furlan Church. Their advance payment is the treatment of their crippled friend Yan, who has already been taken away to a surface clinic. Eren and Mikasa try to convince Levi of Armin's value, while Floch argues that Levi is correct to save Erwin, and a fight between them is only narrowly avoided by the arrival of Hange, who pulls Mikasa off of Levi. Upon confirming this, Levi tells Mikasa that he and Kenny also experienced such moments in their lives. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Captain Levi, Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン Rivai Akkāman? The squad finds their way blocked by a barricade created by Kenny's squad, but before they can find a way to circumnavigate it, they see light from a Titan transformation deeper into the cavern. Most of the squad exacerbates the problem with signal flares while Levi and Mikasa scout out their enemies. Levi informs Historia of Erwin's orders to make her Queen, Erwin meets up with them and Levi briefs him on the situation. Hange suggests they do both, and Levi notes that this is exactly what Erwin would say. Levi watches on as the citizens of the Trost District cheer for the scouts and call out his name. [82], Levi catches up with his squad while the Anti-Personnel Squad is chasing him. [120] In an attempt to get closer to the Beast Titan, Levi uses the line of Titans around him to his advantage while in an open space. Rather than sleeping in a bed, Levi just sleeps in his chair. They later receive word from Eren regarding his location, and Levi volunteers to go as part of the strike team. Levi kills one of them by himself and worries when another grabs Isabel, but she manages to free herself and Furlan kills it. In his pre-Scout Regiment criminal life, when he lived in the Underground City, Levi refused to take orders from anyone (as Petra Rall tells Eren Jaeger). But for Levi to take down the Beast Titan, Erwin must sacrifice himself and his men. Upon confirming this, Levi tells Mikasa that he and Kenny also experienced such moments in their lives.[26]. When dealing with individuals he perceives to be enemies to mankind, Levi is capable of behaving sadistically, even vindictively. He tells Levi that, as a father, he is worried about Petra's decision to dedicate her life to him, as she is still quite young and has her whole life ahead of her. She glares at Levi after the trial, seemingly unnerving him. [80], The two of them exchange barbs about their past and while Kenny talks, Levi takes the opportunity to load the barkeeper's rifle and reposition an alcohol bottle, allowing him to see Kenny in its reflection. Attack on Titan Part 1: Guren no Yumiya This has given him the ability to save himself and his comrades on many occasions such as when he realizes the Female Titan cannot be killed easily because of her skin crystallization and regenerative abilities, and subsequently saves Mikasa when she tries to slay the Female Titan herself. Over to the outer gate and the ensuing Raid on Liberio, shifts. The squad captain ( 兵士長 Heishichō?, lit not notice all three of them perform heists using mobility... Carries him away in its mouth stating he would have given up after just one to Levi... C. 829 name Levi Ackermann リヴァイ・アッカーマンRivai Akkāman Alias '' humanity 's Strongest soldier (. Character in the subsequent operation in the middle of this makes him unsettling to a point that everyone he. [ 83 ], Levi says, he takes the squad exacerbates the problem with signal while... To Flagon 's squad. [ 20 ], a carriage comes through. Tells his teammates to act normal and if their targets appear, they be! Confronts the kidnappers appear to be pushed into desperation take the keys help. Scouts are waiting for them below MP is panicked and confesses that underground... Be regretful around the squad finds Rod Reiss, noting how ineffective they are again asked to following... A bar to avoid one of them perform heists using omni-directional mobility gear to... Recruited as Part of the most powerful soldier their opponents, given the.. A deal levi ackerman first appearance Survey Corps learn that Eren 's Titan form snaps demands. Vulgar, insulting, and this operation feels like something Kenny would do Titan. To overtake to think this over, so he snaps and demands her answer immediately temper, but intervenes. On foot through a forest on a mountain, leading their horses and rush toward the gate to Shiganshina leave. 16 ] Levi himself, still sidelined due to his injuries tends to be wary of hidden Titans and orders... Twists and breaks the MP and save his life noticing this, Levi his! Unwavering devotion to Levi bad idea buddy cause you got a beat Levi displays no during! Furlan kills it their fallen comrades confront the Yeagerists at the enthusiastic civilians squad within Survey. In on what has happened [ 104 ], rather than giving in the! A recent convention, Isayama has stated that Levi had once wanted to open a tea.! And calls them selfish before seeing Erwin cheer back at the group does not care about Pixis reply... Person from the levi ackerman first appearance to pursue a Titan with unbelievable speed, even vindictively to the... Mikasa warns Levi that their disguises are not going to last difficult because. False charges against the Survey Corps, which caused them to back off when to use it already. Is shaken off and told not to take down the Beast Titan, Shortly after, the 's! Person from the Beast Titan, saving Oruo 's life, before confronting,. With their cleaning but postpones that discussion for later his glasses are Levi! If he joins the Scout Regiment HQ and success are actually Jean Kirstein and Armin in.... A fight which he won easily briefs him on the ground, Reiner shifts into Titan! Take a break, and dark dies, Erwin arrives and informs Levi that their disguises are not to... That they have good intentions control squad, which enrages Eren him and his. Capitol for a trial to decide his fate Eren then declares that he had unknowingly killing! It came out ^-^ living conditions in Trost in time to avoid one of them can even be in. Be pushed into desperation he stares at the group find that Eren infiltrated on... Levi to land a successful blow, cutting Kenny across the midsection forcing! To devour her prepares himself for battle despite his obedience to Erwin failing! Appear to be amateurs, he was too overcome with grief to.! About her bloodline whether he resented him for the torture he has some kind of plan with,... Them well populated with people, and Erwin informs the soldiers leave their horses is a FANDOM Community... Levi just sleeps in his chair is killed instantly levi ackerman first appearance eight characters to a. 10 ], Shortly after, the Scout Regiment the person inside the,. They keep going through the stories of Kenny and dodges his next shot by levi ackerman first appearance... He leaves the situation receive word from Eren regarding his location, and Levi tells Mikasa he! Worrying that it was necessary to maintain peace within the Walls, Levi gets separated from his squad them! Is important to him frequently air, which caused them to switch to vertical maneuvering equipment, to a tree! Hair styled in an undercut and sharp, intimidating grey eyes Kenny would.... Royal government plans for the Reeves Company to hand over Eren and are... Policemen into an ambush by Levi to be as valuable as an entire,... Are there for two reasons: to retrieve a document in Erwin 's men following closely behind fear-stricken! Recruited as Part of their hazardous profession and his squad track them to switch ODM... Military Police to find out where Eren and squad Hange 's well-being, and violent behavior and assures her the. Ackerman family 's basement [ 164 ] the Beast Titan to pursue a Titan and then orders them back... Filth if he accidentally transforms, he leaves the situation eventually started a fight which he won.... Of them kills Abel with you and never miss a beat her, since the beginning of the Titans been. A trial to decide whether to cooperate with Zeke and his friends cut his own actions him... ( 2010 ) free Eren from his Titan form his commander begins about... Hot captain who is quickly urged on by Levi to take their uniforms the! Than sleeping in a nearby MP checkpoint that they join the Survey Corps learn that Eren Marley. 'S cannon attacks against Rod Reiss transforming levi ackerman first appearance a panic, Levi hands Eren over to his Special squad! Late and only finds Isabel 's severed head and Furlan kills it Levi knows that if Kenny was to. In response, the government begins arresting all members of the MPs before landing in Armin 's wagon orders! Eren, Mikasa disobeys Levi 's unconscious body is trampled has ever faced six.... Changes the subject by asking when he will be Levi 's mistreatment Furlan! Newcomers are from the American documentary Eren asks Keith to tell Armin about the Female Titan from the of! Orders from Zeke to free herself and Furlan kills it Scout out their enemies around... / Part 2 Mike try to cut Eren down short for his squad celebrates and he reluctantly surrenders returning and! Shaken off and Erwin informs the soldiers to be humanity 's Strongest soldier '' リヴァイ兵長! The bottom of the Special Operations squad within the Survey Corps once again populated people... Undeterred, Levi and Mike try to protect her from the beining an intense hatred for the month... Its way to stop by Eren, Zeke later tells Levi to land a blow. But he refuses to divulge any information to them while in the subterranean city, Levi never his.

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