how to respond to could be better

And I couldn’t respond. 1. Racism can be a sensitive and difficult topic for many people to talk or even think about. By this way, you can come up with outcomes rather than irrelevant details. Sample Answer. When you want to ask someone to give you something and you feel you need to be polite, it’s always a good idea to “soften” the sentence — I like the phrase: “Would it be OK if … Activities we love are also those that can help us experience flow (Key #5), which improves our happiness and can provide a direct experience of who we really are, our unique gift, and our true self. If you give a response that is ill-informed, it could show the person that … 8. Instead you might have a goal of winning more than half of your fights over the next year. But it's critical that we all do our part to help reduce racism and make the world a better, more inclusive place. I think someone from that community would be hurt by what you said.” or “When you said that John was ‘articulate,’ I felt like you were implying that John spoke better than you expected him to speak.” 5. For example, one could say “I was saddened to hear you say that about people from Valencia Hills. Return calls and e-mails promptly. Think about your response so you can say it with confidence. For a goal to be SMART, it needs to be something you can measure and complete within a specific period of time. To win friends at work, a good place to start is good office etiquette. You may also see this phrased a few other ways: ... You get the picture – high-level company research isn’t enough to nail this answer. And we could ask if having children is necessarily a bad thing for ... not fewer. Most companies aren’t just trying to hire a warm body to fill a seat. Those are hard, philosophical questions – and we’re not going to try to answer them here. Becoming a better boxer. What do you think we could be doing better as a team and/or company? Favorite Answer It means that the aren't feeling the best they could. Obviously if someone goes out of their way to say, "could be better" instead of "good" or "fine" they are letting you know that something could be bothering them. If I’m not feeling great, and someone asks how I am, I might say something like, “Could be better.” 2. The more often we practice something, the better we become, and that can also act to boost our sense of well-being, confidence, and success. Before you perform, it is better to prepare performance appraisal questions to ask your boss and the achievements and failures that you have crossed in the past. 16. When you’re prepared, you are able to answer the right answer to the right question. How to Help Reduce Racism. However, I haven’t had much chance to lead yet in my career, so I’d say that’s an area for improvement or something I could get better at.” In this example, you’re naming something specific you could get better at, but making sure not to name something that’s vital to the day-to-day work in this job. This is a reasonable goal, but it isn’t time-bound or specific. Not quite! I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to cry. Before you give your response, take a brief moment to consider all of the information that was given to you. That your point of view and ideas will add value to the team. This question can stump a lot of applicants, but a good response will be something along the lines of: Honestly, in retrospect, there was probably something I could have done better at my last job, but nothing of any major consequence really comes to mind. All I could do was stand there. That was all I could think about.

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