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June 2021: Public Health Agency Enforcement of Worker Rights


  • Dilini Lankachandra, Director, Defending Local Democracy Project
  • Alice Berliner, Executive Director, SoCalCOSH
  • Isabel Lopez, Founder and Director, Brockton Workers Alliance

Public Health Agency Enforcement; (m4a) June 2, 2021. Program is 59:24 in length.


Resources to help advocates understand what local authority looks like in each state

Signed LA County Ordinance (pdf)

DCBA’s page on retaliation protections in LA County

New model from NELP, EPI, and ABB with ideas for local policies to protect workers during and after COVID-19 (pdf)

March 2021: Farmworker Overtime Litigation


  • Lori Isley (Columbia Legal Services)
  • Andrea Schmitt (Columbia Legal Services)

Farmworker Overtime Litigation; (zoom recording) March 17, 2021. Program is 1:33:43 in length. Passcode: fGnR6Z?Y



Farm Worker Overtime Decision (pdf)

Linder Book Chapter (pdf)

AMICI CURIAE Brief (pdf)

Petitioners’ Opening Brief (pdf)

Petitioners’ Reply and Response to Cross Appeal (pdf)