grey market watches sites offers the most unique and cool watches. As I’ve mentioned, most of them provide an incredible packaging and perform a checkup before sending out to dodge the potential dramas of returns. Here we chat about the things that make a watch "New" VS "Unworn". BBB ratings exemplify the BBB’s opinion of how the company is expected to support with its buyers. Items should be returned unaltered, unworn, in their original, unused status, in their original boxes and with all paperwork including the warranties, accessories, and parts to ensure any credit. Their watches will be no different from anyone that is purchased from a licensed dealer. You probably will get an excellent deal on a luxury Swiss watch, or you probably get a headache that will stay for some weeks. However, if you find any watch on another website that is lower than their price, you can give them a call as they give proper price matching. been sent to them for service. What does it mean to me if I buy a gray market watch? The grey market works before the IPO listing and during the days from IPO start date to the allotment date. It identified the four major gray sites as Chrono24, based in Germany; Jomashop and Ashford, both based in New York, and AuthenticWatches. The overnight shipping will be done on the same business day as long as the payment is received before 12 PM PST. Is the dealer's published price more than 20% off the manufacturer's listed retail price? Most major Swiss brands will have a disclaimer on the main websites about their warranty policy. Having a watch with its serial number removed has several important implications: Yet, a number of unauthorized watch sellers have a common practice of removing serial numbers seconds. If the dealer includes a warranty of their own, it will only be good through them--it will not be honored by any other dealer or the manufacturer's authorized service centers. For more detail on protecting yourself when buying watches--expecially Omega--see the Chronocentric One of the reasons is the products sold in the UK frequently have a substantial markup in their price. maker only sells them to authorized dealers and distributors. Most of the items are shipped “direct signature needed,” and someone should be physically present to sign for the item. It is how ResellerRatings help you select the best stores for your online shopping. market or make it clear that you do not have a manufacturer's warranty on the watch. These steps stop the manufacturers from tracing the original authorized dealer that sold the watch into the gray market. You can check their reviews on Amazon, eBay, Google and ResellerRating that are posted by their past customers to assure authenticity in advance of purchase. If you are looking at a definite watch on a gray market site, you must first check if the site has a toggle switch that allows users to change the default currency to your desired currency. Market leader since 2003. Such laws treat watches with altered example of such laws from the State of Georgia, in The United States: How can I tell if a watch is gray market? repair center. However, your parcel’s chance of getting destroyed during the delivery is very minor, provided the postage charges which have the best interests of everybody. coverage, and resale of a watch you purchase. If you have already purchased a watch and discover that it has had its serial number removed, Online since 1998. BBB uses and seeks information straight from businesses and public data sources. Usually, these brands cut off their supply from the offending authorized retailers and deprive the market of their goods. the heavier discount offered to the consumer by the non-authorized dealers, refuse to Think of this, “What if the watch is defective?” You are not covered by the regulations of the European Union law if you purchase overseas products such as a timepiece. If not, you may want to Here are probable signs of a gray market watch: Note that there are legitimate cases where an authorized dealer may give you more than a small percentage of buyers know this before a purchase. Avoid grey market traders. There is no indirect delivery since the courier will not leave the package if a door tag is left with a signature. replacement watch with its serial number intact. the serial number has been removed, you effectively become an accomplice to the crime! It will take all the in stock items to be processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days. Over 475,000 active watch listings. authorized dealer relationship and volume discounts, authorized dealers must make large The gray market for luxury watches—that colorful internet-driven bazaar of unauthorized sellers often offering 40%-plus discounts on fine timepieces—is upending the global watch industry. Toggle navigation. International orders from AuthenticWatches are shipped via FedEx International Economy. warranty period. You are encouraged to contact the AuthenticWatches if the ordered package doesn’t arrive on the provided date. Should you buy a gray market watch? Any undelivered items should be reported to them within 48 hours of the promised arrival date. |All rights reserved. Otherwise, any repair will be at your expense. When a brand’s own site or its authorized retailers aren’t offering either price transparency or e-commerce, consumers head to gray market sites, says L2’s research. Otherwise, leave it and find somewhere else. Gray market fine watches are typically available at discounts of 30-40%, compared to the maximum 20% discount the authorized It has an excellent protection given the contents.” reviewed by one of the AuthenticWatches verified customers. There are a plenty of people who share their great experiences in buying a gray market watch, but there are also horrible stories to be told. Always purchase your luxury timepiece at that particular AD. Also, they will not be responsible for any packages sent via UPS or FedEx or any other means other than the listed method. If you purchase or plan on purchasing from gray market sites that have an excellent reputation and are highly known to be selling of authentic w… See the following section for more information on watches that have had their serial numbers removed. Lets see how the calculation goes on. Even worse, some manufacturers have been known to confiscate such watches that have The sender is responsible for fully insuring the package. The company will also give a full refund less on shipping fee (calculated on on all domestic purchases received within the allotted return period on “In Stock” items that are below $5000 being fully paid through Paypal, Amazon Payments, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa for the advertised price. You may have noticed the low prices offered on different sites that are on the internet. directly to their customers and to hold in inventory an excessive amount of merchandise of Only occasionally, you can find them on the Grey Market, and even those watches are purchased at a suitable discount and then sold at or very close to the original price. Nevertheless, it is important that you check the site’s return policy before buying. So your investment is protected if a package is lost. Are you in the market for a lower priced Swiss watches? the COSC certificate for your watch--but only if you have your serial number. There are numerous grey market websites that operate exclusively in luxury watches. Within 30 days of shipment, you may return your purchased item if you are not satisfied with it. Hi. Chrono24 is the place to buy and sell luxury watches online. Skip to content. There are many places where you can buy fine watches. For instance, you are trying to convert US dollars to British pounds, just type in the search bar ‘convert $X to £’ then hit enter for a quick conversion. Gray market sites such as the Jomashop and Prestigetime do an incredible packaging of their products. Lack of a serial number may interfere in getting an insurance claim paid if your watch is lost or stolen. Gray market watches are authentic watches from the original manufacturer. With online sales representing more than 20% of sales in most physical good categories and the ability to buy unauthorized goods from anywhere in the world, the gray market … a single brand. Over 40 luxury watch brands. Hence, this gray market online store is a reliable source of your watch shopping. These watches may also be missing their serial number. The manufacturer's authorized repair centers may refuse to service the watch even outside the consider shopping elsewhere. you should immediately contact the seller and insist they refund your full purchase price or provide a hurting the uninformed consumer more than it protects the authorized dealers. They are strictly web-based, and their main call center is located in Moorpark, California. a warranty on a watch the customer feels they bought legitimately. It may interfere with your ability to resell the watch or may reduce what someone is willing to pay for it. Where Do They Get Their Watches ? (particularly if they have a very large amount of returns after Christmas). Many do not discover this until after Also, be mindful that some gray market dealers are dishonest. At that point, the customer sees the manufacturer as the bad guy for refusing to honor AuthenticWatches claim that their watches are 100% genuine and authentic. MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. If you are doubtful about the status of the gray market seller you are thinking of buying a new watch from, then consider buying the watch elsewhere. Gray market watches are authentic watches from the original manufacturer. You probably have noticed that some products in the US are on sale for $250, and £250 in the UK since there is $1.23 to the pound. Shop for both men's watches and women's watches. manufacture, country it was shipped to for original sale, features and movement calibre, and even a copy of Shipping to some other countries is available, but each one of them has different import rules and regulations. they have a problem and are refused in-warranty service by the manufacturer or an authorized Brands; Collections; Men; Women; New; Sale ; Log in Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram; YouTube; Brands Collections Men Women New Sale Site navigation. They are not factory seconds or fakes. most important concept to understand before making a purchase decision is the difference Gray market fine watches are typically available at discounts of 30-40%, compared to the maximum 20% discount the authorized dealers are usually contractually allowed to give you. way to you. A piece of advice from AuthenticWatches is if you submit your watch for verification to a local dealer, it is best to inform the dealer that you received the watch as a gift. Furthermore, the company will also give a full value one-time exchange for a correspondingly priced item including the shipping fees. You’ll encounter the prices being incomparably lower in contrast to the UK’s price. They are not fakes or factory You can get an immediate shipping from AuthenticWatches to all of their “IN STOCK” items indicated on their item page and item description. The The AuthenticWatches will not be held accountable for packages lost in transit, and hence, demand packages to be sent insured. The largest independent, non-commercial, consumer-oriented resource on the Internet for owners, collectors and The only thing that makes them different is that they passed through an unauthorized dealer or reseller on the They both offer guarantees about … Take into account that there might be a language barrier in dealing with the customer services depending on the site in an inquiry. Purchasing a timepiece on a gray market site or dealer is not suitable for everyone, and some of the risks are very clear. FedEx and UPS do not guarantee watches. provide in-warranty service on these watches. They consistently undercut authorized dealers on price, so if the cost is your main consideration, we recommend looking into them. For this you must trust the reputation and stability of that dealer to repair your watch within the warranty period. They also got a certificate from Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) which is known as a world class trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design. Here’s the fact: The return policies is the biggest risk that you can experience in buying from a gray market. How Are Gray Market Watches Heavily Discounted ? The grey market is unofficial but investors looking at the grey market price of an IPO to get the fixed gain of the stock. Hence, being a buyer, you must be fully aware. When a dealer has stock they acquired before a manufacturer's price increase,

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