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"The Brisk and Bonny Lad", "The Country Lass", 608. "Richard/Dicky of Taunton Dean", "Old Dobbin", "Dumbledown Deary", 387. "Jock Hamilton", "Duke Hamilton", "Lord Hamilton", 6319. "Two Sweethearts", "A Group of Young Squaddies", 1795. "Shanty Boys in the Pine", "Jim Lockwood", 670. Singers often modified a song after they discovered it, either deliberately or accidentally. "Bob Sims", "Logan County Jailhouse", "Sporting Cowboy" (Laws E17), 692. "O'er the Muir Among the Heather", "Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen", "Heather Down the Moor", 376. "Wicklow Rangers", "The Girl I Left Behind Me", 690. "The Blackbird", "If I Was a Blackbird", 388. "Flash Company", "The Wandering Girl", 957. "Patrick Fleming", "Lovell the Robber", 537. "Aunt Sal's Song", "The Bashful Courtship", 778. "The Lass of Swansea Town", "Swansea Barracks", 1419. "Glee", "Of All The Birds", "Jolly Red Nose", "The Owl", 500. "Behold the Grace Appears", "Back Lane", 3226. "Father's Old Coat", "Pee Wee Jockie Clark", 2157. I just don't hear today's children sing any of the folk songs my pears and I, and previous generations, used to sing. "When the Battle it Was Won" (Laws J23), 1891. "Cottage Near a Wood", "It's Forty Long Miles", 610. "When I Was Bound Apprentice in Fair London City", 2642. (Laws P20). "The Braemar Poacher", "The Roving Highlander", "The Poacher of Benabourd", 375. "The Drummer Boy of Waterloo" (Laws J1), 1812. "The Ullswater Pack", "Pass the Jug Around", 1869. "The Clones Murder", "Fee and Flannigan", 2926. Because of the many requests I receive for information on songbooks and other resources I have become an Amazon Associate (that's the book store type Amazon...) For resources click below to check out. "White House Blues", "Unlucky Road to Washington", 792. "Countryman's Ramble in Cheapside", "Up to the Rigs", 879. "Shantyboy on the Big Eau Plaine" (Laws C11), 2224. This list (like the article List of the Child Ballads) also serves as a link to articles about the songs, which may use a very different song title. "Lover's Lament","Beauty Bright", "Oh Once I Did Court a Damsel", "Don't You Remember Last Friday Night", "Off to the War", "The Single Girl", 406. "Fond Affection", "Go and Leave Me, If You Wish It", "Once I Loved", 466. "Sally in the Garden Sifting Sand", "Sally Ann", "The Hog-eyed Man", "Rodybodysho", "Hauling into Blackwall Docks", "O Who's Been Here", "As I Went up in My Cornfield", 345. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 308 total. "The Sailor Likes His Bottle O", "The Sailor's Loves", "So Early in the Morning", "A Bottle of Rum", 318. "The Irish Girl", "Meeting Is a Pleasure", "Loving Hanner", "You Will Remember", 455. "Come Loose Every Sail to the Breeze", 2022. By music heads for music heads. "The Country I Was Born In", "I Have Just Left Donegal", 2953. "The Murder of Laura Foster" (Laws F36), 1939. Roots Music Report 375 South Main #127 Moab, Utah 84532 United States (970) 424-1487. Criteria: This list highlights the best examples of songs that exemplify the original Folk Rock sound, emphasizing influence, impact, plus intitial & lasting popularity. "Sawnie Ogilvie's Duel With His Wife", 3160. I enjoy listening to them and singing them. "The Ranger", "Three Huntsmen", "Tom Reynard", 798. "Two Soldiers", "The Fierce Last Charge", "The Battle of Gettysburg", 630. (Laws M38), 188. We've pulled together a Spotify playlist of the most popular as chosen by the public. English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Origins. Here Are Example Of Filipino Folk Songs. "The Cruel Father and Constant Lover", 2302. "The (Little Lousy) Tailor", "(There Was a / The) Jolly Boatman", "(The / The Old / Bold / The Bold) (Boatswain / Boatsman) Of Dover", "(The) (Boatswain / Sailor) and the Tailor", "Bold Bos'n", "(Tailor / The Boatsman / The Boatman) and the (Chest / Kist)", "The Jolly (Boatswain / Bosun)", There Was a Wealthy Merchant", "The (Boatsman / Boatswain) and the Tailor", "The Sailor Boy", "The Tailor in the (Tea) Chest", "The (Deil / Devil) in the Kist", "The Old Bo's'n", "The Tailor and the Sailor", "The Bosun's Chest", "The Boatswain's (Honest) Wife", "Johnny's Gone to Sea", "The Boatman's Wife and the Tailor", "The Boatswain and the Lass that loves a Sailor", "The Bold Bo'sun", "The Jolly Sailor", "Old Sea Chest", "The (Little / Pretty) Tailor", 572. "Bedlam City", "Do You See Billy Coming", 971. "The Grey Cock", "Saw You My Father? A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop. "Busk and Go Dearie Go", "Mary's Ass", 3373. "Marshfield Mummers Song", "St. Stephen's Day", 1783. Boys, Cheer! "My Love Is Over the Sea", "Sailing on the Sea", "Sea Song", 433. This is a list of all the lyrics available in this section, click on A,B, etc in to top nav-bar to go to the song pages or on "folk song lyrics" to return to this page. "Come All You Bold Canadians" (Laws A22), 2211. "Muff Lawler the Squealer" (Laws E25), 2256. "Eynsham Poaching Song", "Southrop Poaching Song", "The Three Poachers", 1270. Some well-known songs have low Roud numbers (for example, many of the Child Ballads); but others have high ones. "Pretty Betsey", "It's of a Young Damsel in Crewkerne Did Dwell", "The Young Scotchman of Dover" (Laws M18), 1914. Many folk songs have stuck in my memory since childhood, too. "England's Great Loss By a Storm of Wind" (Laws K2), 1804. "Bob-Tailed Mare", "The Carter's Health", 1386. "The Courting Case", "The Drunkard's Courtship", 363. "Kate and Her Horns", "The Clothier", 556. "The Cottage With the Horseshoe O'er the Door", 3088. "Plaster", "Sheep's Skin and Beeswax", 986. "The Frightened Husband", "Marco and Pedro", 1396. "Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth", "Barbara Allen", 415. "The Mailman and the Miller", "The Maltman and the Highwayman", 1312. "The Maid With the Bonny Brown Hair", 3042. "The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No", 2907. The 100 Essential Folk Songs. You’ll find lots of background information about the songs as well as pages giving lyrics and chords. "The Gloucester Blinder", "Muddley Barracks", 1736. These songs have touched each and every part of contemporary human life dealing with psychology, philosophy, and even anatomy. The songs are listed in the index by accession number, rather than (for example) by subject matter or in order of importance. "I Must and I Will Get Married", "The Fit's Come On Me Now", 442. "I Must Live All Alone", "As I was A-Walking", 1060. "The Constant Lovers", "The Sailor and the Farmer's Daughter" (Laws O41), 994. "Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes", "The Ewe Lamb", 858. "Hark How the Heav'nly Angels Sing", 3207. Some of the songs mention artist, vocalist or composer names, this should not be taken to mean that they are an accurate version of the piece as performed or composed by the named person. "I Shall Be Married Next Monday Morning", 580. "The Canny Shepherd Laddie of the Hills", 3097. These are some American folk songs we offer with vocal harmony arrangements. Although folk music usually refers to orally transmitted music or music with unknown composers, but it can include the traditional classical music of countries as well which theoretically differs from folk music, like Indian traditional classical music vs. Indian folk music. 135. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? "Mother May I Go out to Swim", "The Alphabet Song", 3341. "The Collier Brig", "The Worst Old Ship", 1860. "The Two Orphans", "The Brooklyn Theatre Fire" (Laws G27), 3263. Address. "I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight", "I'm Sorry", "The Rue and Thyme", "Green Grass it Grows Bonny", 868. "O Then O Then", "I Wish I Was Single Again", 438. While his songs tend to be more about life's struggles than war, they're still songs worth remembering. "The Flower of Sweet Erin the Green", 2797. "As I Was Walking O'er Little Moorfields", 2441. Use control F to search this page in your browser. "Green Grass", "A Dis a Dis a Green Grass", 1384. "Sandy Sam and Rusty Jigs" (Laws B17), 3240. "The Brisk Young Butcher", The Leicester Chambermaid", "Aikey Fair", etc. 178. "The Peddler and His Wife" (Laws F24), 2267. "Felton Lonnin / The Kye Have Come Hame", 3173. "Hare Hunting Song", "The Morning is Charming", 582. EXAMPLE OF FOLK SONGS – Filipinos have always had music deeply embedded in their hearts.. "The Mountain Streams", "Wi' My Dog and Gun", 2129. This is our full list of Irish songs in alphabetical order. 793. "All On Account of a Bold Lover Gay" (Laws P23), 997. "Sucking Pig", "The Parson and the Pig", 575. List Of Filipino Folk Songs. THE SONGS IN THIS COLLECTION are from the American popular vernacular music idiom, and include folk, traditional, regional and religious songs. "Jone O'Grinfield", "Four Loom Weaver", 941. "Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow" (Child 215), 228. "Hark the Rock", "Cease Ye Stormy Winds to Blow", "The Wanderer", 1301. "The Butcher Boy" and "The Prentice Boy", Learn how and when to remove this template message, "A-Growing" ("He's Young But He's Daily A-Growing"). "The North Star", "The Merchant's Son and the Parson's Daughter" (Laws M21), 1034. Listen: In Probing Folk Songs, Alisa Amador Explores Crises Of Identity And Love. "The Merchant's Daughter", "Constant Farmer's Son" (Laws M33), 685. "The Roving Journeyman", "The Roving Irishman", "The Roving Navvie Man", "Roving Jack", 361. English Traditional Song Titles : Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance: Abide With Me: All Things Bright and Beautiful (also known as Royal Oak) A-Roving: Banks Of Allen Water: Barbara Allen: Begone, Dull Care! This song is about an Irish bandit who is betrayed by the woman he loves. "As I Roved Out Through Irishtown", "The Crimean War" (Laws J9), 1925. Similar song lists for further reading: Indie Processional Songs; Indie First Dance Songs; Country Wedding Songs; 40 Best Folk Songs For Weddings. "All Together Like the Folks O' Shields", 3176. 478. "When Sheapshearing's Done", "Gloucester Feast Song". Others will require a bit more time. Some publishers have added Roud numbers to books and liner notes, as has also been done with Child Ballad numbers and Laws numbers. 1. The list was created from recommendations by experts in the field. "Burns and Highland Mary" (Laws O34), 826. "The Soldier and the Sailor", "The Soldier's Prayer", 353. "Joe the Carrier Lad", "Jim the Carter's Lad", 1084. "There Goes a Man (Just Gone Along)", "The Gaol Song", 1357. "Driving the Saw-Logs on the Plover", 2798. (Laws K18), 186. "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" (Laws A15), 775. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man, King Edward the Fourth and a Tanner of Tamworth, "Cold Winter Is Past", "The Curragh of Kildare", "Dido and Spandigo", "Dido Bendigo", "The Duke's Hunt", "The Hunting Priest", "Tally Ho the Hounds", "Doctor Mack", "The Maid and the Palmer", "The Well Below the Valley", Black Is the Color (of My True Love's Hair), "Adam Bell", "Clim of the Clough" or "William of Cloudesly, "Diddle Diddle, Or The Kind Country Lovers", "Lavender's Blue", The Noble Fisherman" or "Robin Hood's Preferment, The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea, Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor and Marriage, The King's Disguise, and Friendship with Robin Hood, The Slaughter of the Laird of Mellerstain, "O Death", "Oh Death", "Conversation with Death", "Join the British Army", "The Lass of Killiecrankie", My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains, "All For Me Grog", "Across the Western Ocean", "Lydia Pinkham", "The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham", "Lily the Pink", Over the Hills and Far Away (traditional), "Black, White, Yellow and Green", "There Was an Old Woman", "Down by the Glenside", "The Bold Fenian Men", I Knew An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Spider, They're moving Father's grave to build a sewer, "Far Far From Ypres", "Mop It Down", "Here's to the Good Old Whisky/Beer", "Drink It Down", "The Lord Bless Charlie Mott", "God Bless Charlie Mopps", "Charlie Mopps (the Man Who Invented Beer)", "Down by the Riverside", "Ain't Gonna Study War No More", The Wreck of the Norfolk and Western Cannon Ball, When First to This Country a Stranger I Came, Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out. "The Death of Herbert Rice" (Laws D6), 2234. "The Soo St. Mary's Jail" (Laws dE51), 2325. When it comes to well-known Irish traditional folk music, the song “Whiskey in the Jar” is perhaps the most popular of all. "The Dam on Baldwin Creek" (Laws C21), 1928. "Save Your Money When You're Young", 2350. "That Dang Boat that First Took Me Over", 2915. "Seeking Service", "The Rigwiddy Carlin", "Bargain with Me", "Tam Bo/Bowie/Booey", "Magherafelt Hiring Fair", "My Brave Billy Boy", "The Wanton Widow", 368. "The Jolly Ploughboy", "The Scarlet And The Blue", "The Warwickshire RHA", etc. "True Lovers", "High Germany", "The King's Commands", 1459. "The Bold Lieutenant", "The London Lady", "The Lion's Den", "Lions and Tigers", "St. James's", "The lady of Carlisle" (Laws O25), 398. "The Hills of Mexico", "Buffalo Skinners", (, 640. 1381. They've released more than 40 albums in the last 50 years, and have become somewhat of an institution in contemporary folk … "Assuming this is a list of the top 100 AMERICAN folk songs, this is an excellent list." Here are but a few of the folk songs that children (and teachers and parents) love. It can be an old farmer or a dedicated musician. "The Councillor's Daughter", "The Crafty Lover", "The Lawyer Outwitted" etc. "Susan Strayed the Briny Beach" (Laws K19), 1898. Folk Roots List. "See the Train go Round the Bend", "Goodbye My Lover Goodbye", "I Saw the Ship Go Round the Bend", 766. "Ten Thousand Miles Away from Home", "Western Hobo" (Laws H2), 706. "The Valiant Sailor", "The Sailor's Wish", "Polly on the Shore", 815. "Captain James", "The Captain's Apprentice", 844. "The King and the Forester", "King William and the Keeper", 854. "The Bully Boat", "Sally My Dear", "Ranzo", "Oh What Did You Give for Your Fine Leg O' Mutton", 331. "Fair Floro", "The Unkind Shepherdess", 951. "My Mistress Came to the Door", "Rap-Tap-Tap", "The Farmer's Servant", "The Thresher in the Barn". For a comprehensive list of 25,000 traditional English language songs, see List of folk songs by Roud number. "The Rainbow", "The Fight of the Spanish Main", "The Rich Damsel", "As We Were A-Sailing", etc. Tamil Folk songs are amazing to listen to but hard to download on your phone or PC. 474. "Christ Made a Trance", "The Moon Shines Bright", 2113. "Down on Erin's Wild Shore", "The Desolate Widow", "Isle of Man Shore", "Quays of Belfast", 528. "Good English Ale" (see also Roud 2414), 1522. "The Freckless Young Girl", "Taking an Evening's Walk", 1735. We are fortunate to have a rich heritage of folk music to use in our teaching. "Lord I've Started for the Kingdom", 3424. "The Prince of Morocco", "The Young Prince of Spain", 555. "The Wanton Seed", "The Lamentation for Willie Lenox", "The Building of Solomon's Temple" (Laws Q39), 1019. You can upload folk songs by clicking on 'Post a Song' on the top. "The Cabin Boy", "The Rich Lady Gay", 1170. Also known as "Hanged I Shall Be", "The Oxford Tragedy", "The Oxford/Wexford Girl", "Ekefield/Ickfield/Wexford Town". For the Fall of Sebastopol, "The Dolefull Dance and Song of Death", "Shaking of the Sheets", "The cunning cobbler – Mike McCann / Rathole Sheikh", "Hanged I Shall Be / The Oxford Tragedy / The Oxford/Wexford Girl / Ekefield/Ickfield/Wexford Town / The Butcher Boy / The Prentice Boy", "Betsy Watson (Roud Folksong Index S137595)", "Clare County Library: Songs of Clare - the Blarney Stone sung by Tom Lenihan",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. "The Death of J.B. Marcum" (Laws E19), 695. "The Bonny Lad that Handles the Plough", 2187. "Loss of the Amphitrite", "The Anford-wright", 304. "Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna (John O'Dwyer of the Glen)", V8648. Irish, British and American Folk Music including Francis J. "I Wish I Had the Shepherd's Lamb", "Molly From Her Father", 2359. "Cruel Was My Father", etc. "The (Pretty/Jolly/Simple) Ploughboy" (Laws M24), 187. "The Bold Trooper", "The Old Drover", "The Game Cock", 313. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Kingston Trio. Song - Written OR Performed by: This Land is Your Land - Woody Guthrie. Juli 2020 um 23:28 Uhr bearbeitet. With so much talent on the folk scene, many songs stood out in 2018. "I'm A Man that's Done Wrong (By My Parents)", "The Cast Out", 1390. "Poor Jolly Sailor Lads", "Come All You Pretty Fair Maids", 1666. "I'll Hang my Harp on a Willow Tree", 1445. "Emigrant's Farewell to His Country", 3020. "The Banks of Gaspeareaux" (Laws C26), 1927. "The Pearl of Th' Irish Nation", "If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry", 2398. "Transported for Mail Robbery", "A Prisoner For Life" (Laws L15), 1907. "Benny Havens Oh" (see also Roud 15581), This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 08:55. "The Industrious Farmer", "The Sheepsheering Song", 881. "The Merchant's Daughter of Bristol", 893. "Banks of Claudy", "Claudy Banks", "Cloddy Banks" (Laws N40), 267. "Harvest Home", "Here's a Health unto Our Master", "The Mistress's Health", "Shepherd's Health", "The Greasy Cook", "Sheep Shearing Toast", "Drink Boys Drink", "Peas Beans Oats and the Barley", "Bridal Song", "The Haymakers' Song", 311. Soweit verfügbar, sind auch die Child numbers und Laws numbers angegeben.. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 28. "I Rode My Little Horse", "The London Rover", 1050. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). "The Norton Fitzwarren Railway Disaster", 2423. Top 50 Folk Song Chart for the Week of Dec 12, 2020. "Jemmy And Nancy", "The Yarmouth Tragedy", etc. "The Wee Wifie", "The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket", 1299. "George Riley", "John Riley", "Young Riley" (Laws N36/Laws N37), 281. "Merry Tom of All Trades", "Get Money at Every Deadlift", 1615. Common instruments include fiddle, accordion/concertina, tin whistle/flute, guitar, banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin and Irish bouzouki. "The English Courtship", "Drecharian O'Machree", 2389. New songs are constantly being added so come back soon if you don’t find what you want. This is one of the most popular folk songs in the United States. "Basket of Eggs", "Eggs in Her Basket", 379. "The Beggar-Laddie", "The Beggar's (Dawtie/Prince)", The Highwayman Outwitted By a Farmer's Daughter. - Second, the continuation of a study to see how our Pakeha (white NZ) culture is reflected in the way we write, select and modify the songs we sing. “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” – The Kingston Trio 6. "William and Mary", "Little Mary, The Sailor's Bride", etc. "Free and Easy to Jog Along", "Free and Easy", 1087. "The Emigrant's Farewell", "Bellingham", "Good Friends and Companions", 1803. ", "The Cock Is Crowing", etc. "The Drunkard's Farewell to His Folly", 2498. "The Lake Of Coulfin", "Willy Leonard", etc. "The Lonely Cowboy", "Cowboy's Home Sweet Home", 634. "Fare Thee Well Cold Winter", "Long Looked for Come at Last", 1647. Here are but a few of the folk songs that children (and teachers and parents) love. "Swinging in the Lane", "Rosie Nell", 2882. Folk music can have a number of different meanings, including: Traditional music: The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music" is now considered to encompass. You can upload folk songs by clicking on 'Post a Song' on the top. (Laws N26), 189. The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) listed 187,800 records in the growing Folksong database as at October 2012 (which total includes all of the songs in the Broadside database that have 'traditional' origins).[1]. "Timothy", "As I Was a Walking", "The Fair Maid", 968. "The Game Of Cards" or "Game of All Fours", 239. "The (Jolly/Ragged/Dirty) Beggar", "Davy Faa", "Farmer and Tinker", "Gaberlunyie Man". "The Maid on The Shore", "The Mermaid" or "The Sea Captain" (Laws K27), 185. "I Waited Out My Hours", "I've Rambled This Country Both Early and Late", 1801. "The Lochmaben Harper", "The Blind Harper", "Waly Waly", "The Water Is Wide", or "When Cockleshells Turn Silver Bells", "The Mother's Malison" or "Clyde's Water", "The (Bonnie) Rantin' Laddie" or "Lord Aboyne", "The Kitchie-Boy", "Bonny Foot-Boy" or "Earl Richard's Daughter", "Lord William", "Lord Lundy" or "Sweet William", "Burd Isabel And (Earl/Sir) Patrick" or "Burd Bell", "(Lord Thomas and) Lady Margaret" or "Clerk Tamas (and Fair Annie)", "Lady Diamond (and the King's Daughter)", "Lady Daisy" or "Eliza's Bower", "Get Up and Bar the Door", "John Blunt" or "Old John Jones", "The Friar (in the Well/and the Maid/Well Fitted)". Find the perfect Folk tracks from the world's best artists. Criteria: This list highlights the best examples of songs that exemplify the original Folk Rock sound, emphasizing influence, impact, plus intitial & lasting popularity. "Hiring Fair and Hamiltonsbawn", "The Fair of Ross", 2891. "Ellen Flannery", "Floyd Frasier" (Laws F19), 697. "Died for Love", "Oh What a Voice", "I Wish I Wish", "I Wish I Was a Child Again", "Sweet William", 496. What are the best folk songs of the year? "Thomas Farewell", "The Sailor's Farewell", 2105. List of American Folk Songs. Dylan's songwriting has spanned every nook and cranny of Americana, from the blues to folk to rock and roll, and his influence has been felt through every strain of American music. "May Song", "May-day Carol", "Awake Awake", "Padstow May Song", "Whitsuntide Carol", 307. "Old Adam", "When Adam was first created", 729. "'Twas in the End of King James's Street", 2391. A Ram Sam Sam– Traditional Folk Song Lyrics A Sailor Went to Sea– Sheet Music/Piano Solo 7. "Pearl Bryant", "Jealous Lover", "The Berkshire Tragedy", "Philadelphia lawyer" (Laws F1A, Laws F1B, Laws F1C), 506. "Sam Bass", "The Little Brown Bulls" (Laws C16), 2229. "Ye Landsmen and Ye Seamen Bold", "Sailor's Hornpipe" (Laws K42), 1905. Lists of Songs With Arrangements Please select a song category Songs Home Page American Folk Songs American Songbook Modern Pop Classic Pop Vintage Pop Classic Rock Show Tunes Doo Wop Songs Jazz Standards R&B Songs Country Songs Spirituals Novelty Movie, TV & Themes Songs Beatle Songs Disney Songs Grammy Winners Irving Berlin Songs Patriotic Sea Shanties Christmas Standards … "Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up", "The Poaching Song", "Row-Dow-Dow", 906. "The Little Lowland Maid", "The Cruel Lowland Maid", "The Pretty Sailor", 308. "Flanagan's Band", "Drums Went Bang", 1503. "O Hard Fortune", "The Little Drummer", 2310. 16th Avenue 23rd Of February A-roving On A Winters Night Abe Sammons Applejack(2) Abe Sammons Applejack About The Bush Willy "A Most Excellent Ballad of Joseph the Carpenter", "Marye and Joseph", 2124. "Young Millman", "Prince Edward Island Murder" (Laws dF59), 1839. "The Battle on Shiloh's Hill" (Laws A11), 2202. "Stratton Mountain Tragedy" (Laws G18), 1944. "The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle" (Laws H29), 2196. "Awful Execution of John Bird Bell", 1113. "The Poacher's Fate", "The Gallant Poacher", "Come All You Lads of High Renown". It is compiled by Steve Roud, a former librarian in the London Borough of Croydon. "The Mountaineer's Courtship", "When Shall We Be Married", "Nicol O' Cod", "Nicholas Wood", "Haymaker's Song", "The Country Courtship", "What'll I Wear to the Wedding John", "Buffalo Boy", "My Dear Old Innocent Boy", "Reckle Mahudie", "My Old Sweet Nichol", "Joan to Jan", "Dear Old Ages Boy", "Nickety Nod", "John and Mary", "Where Shall We Go For Our Honeymoon John", "Johnny My Darling Lad", 314. Folk music can have a number of different meanings, including: Traditional music: The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music" is now considered to encompass. "The Furze Field", "The Jolly Huntsman's Call", 1043. "The Midnight Murder of the Meeks Family" (Laws F29), 2272. "Baldheaded End of the Broom", "Love", "Boys Take Care", 2135. "Macafee's Confession", "Harry Gray", 450. With so much talent on the folk scene, many songs stood out in 2018. Die Liste von Liedern des Roud Folk Song Index umfasst im Roud Folk Song Index eingetragene englischsprachige Volkslieder nach Nummer. (Laws M20). "The Gentleman Soldier", "The Sentry" etc. "The German Clockmaker", "I am a Von German", 258. (Laws Q33), 195. "The Girl With the Waterfall" (Laws H26), 2191. "The Silk Merchant's Daughter", "Miss Martha", "The Virginian Lover", 422. "The Orangeman's Walk", "The Cavan Buck", 2883. "The Laidley Worm of Spindleston-Heugh", 3178. "The Old Woman and her Pig", "Little Betty Pringle", 748. "Campbell the Driver", "Three English Blades", 885. "Mop It Down", "Drink Her Down", "Here's to the Good Old Beer", V2816. City of New Orleans - Steve Goodman. His song Pancho and Lefty is part of Folk Alley's 100 Most Essential Folk Songs list. "The Railman's Song", "Jessie at the Railway Bar", 3270. "Charles Augustus Anderson", "The Saladin Mutiny", 647. "What'll I Do with the Baby-o", "Georgie", 828. "Sir Niel and MacVan", "Glengyle" (Laws M39), 1915. "Poor Tom", "Who Knocks There", "A Harvest Song", 1570. "When the Work's All Done This Fall", 454. "The Parson's Fat Wedder", "Parson Brown's Sheep", 2499. "Bold Robinson", "The Two Champions", 2414. "The Heathen Dear", "My Name is Santa Claus", 2042. "The Dying Sargent", "A British Soldier", 2864. Banahaw Lyrics. Kannada folk songs depict the culture and tradition of Karnataka or in general the southern India. It might even be called the national anthem. ", "I'll Go With Him Wherever He Goes", 655. "Still I Love Him", "The Black Shawl", "Do You Love an Apple? The purpose of the index is to give each song a unique identifying number. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. "How Grand and How Bright", "The Worchestershire Carol", 3203. "Come All You Young Ladies and Gentlemen", 1512. "British Waterside (The Jolly Sailor)", 1089. We are looking for pure folk and classical traditional of each region. Thanks, Flourish. "Munro's Confession", "The Murder of Sarah Vail" (Laws F9), 2262. Irish folk includes anything as old as the 17th century or older and more recent trends, including jigs, reels, "drinking music", and rebel music. "Jeannie and Jamie", "Huntingtower" (Laws O23), 348. "Lovely Jimmy", "In Bristol There Lived a Fair Lady", 937. "Kingdom Coming", "The Year of Jubilo", 782. "Kelly's Lamentation", "My Parents and I Could Never Agree", 2411. "A Song on the Nantucket Ladies", "Round Cape Horn", 2065. "The Rifle Boys", "Success to the Blues", 590. Irish folk is the traditional music from the island of Ireland. Horton"(Laws D28), 1843. "The Nut Girl", "A-Nutting We Will Go", 511. "Spurn Point", "The Wreck of the Industry", 601. "The Massacre at Glencoe", "The Pride of Glencoe", "MacDonald", "Donald's Return to Glencoe", 516. However, because of the practicalities of compiling the index (building on previously published sources) it is true as a general rule that older and better-known songs tend to occupy low numbers, while songs which are obscure have higher numbers. "It's Five Long Years", "The Inconstant Sailor and the Distracted Maiden", 2790. "The Highland Balow", "Lady Bothwell's Lament", 2870. "Little Joe the Wrangler" (Laws B5), 1935. "The Old Dyer", "The Dog in the Closet" (Laws Q11), 1008. "As Shepherds Watched Their Fleecy Care", 3206. "Come All You Young Lovers", "The Rich Lady Gay", 1726. Bahay Kubo Lyrics. "With my Navvy Boots On", "Bold English Navvy", 517. "The Sailor and the Shepherdess", "The Sailor's Courtship" (Laws O8), 962. "Loss of the Philosophy" (Laws dD49), 1837. "The Avondale Mine Disaster" (Laws G7), 3251. "Twenty-One Years", "The C & O Wreck" (Laws E16), 3250. "The Bold Grenadier", "The Nightingale Song" or "One Morning In May", "Clerk Corvill", "(Giles/George) Collins", "An Awhesyth", "The Pretty Ploughboy", or other versions of "The Lark in the Morning", Early Early In The Spring", "The Trail To Mexico" or "The Sailor Deceived", "I Once Loved a Lass", "The False Bride" or "The Week Before Easter". "The Auld Fisher's Farewell to Coquet", 3166. "Searching for Young Lambs", "As Johnny Walked Out", 1440. "A-Begging Buttermilk", "To Curb Rising Thoughts", 1231. "Johnny Todd", "Dig for Silver", "Johnnie Johnston", 1108. "The Eighteenth June", "The Famous Battle of Waterloo", 2542. "The Wreck of the Northfleet", "Father Put Me in the Boat", 1181. "The Seizure of the E.A. "May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister", 773. "I Designed to Say No (But Mistook and Said Yes)", "As I was A-Walking by Yon Shady Grove", 1478. "The Hermit", "The Shepherd Tuned His Pipe", 2451. These folk songs are available from a variety of albums. "The Wreck of the Huron" (Laws D21), 2254. "Awa' Birds Away", "Bird Tenting Song", "Car-Whoo Car-Whoo", 1734. "Bill Scrimshaw the Scotsman", "The Lincolnshire Wrestler", "The Wrestling Match", 1102. These folk songs are available from a variety of albums. Cass '' ( Laws M21 ), 1839 As Shepherds Watched their Fleecy Care '', Somersetshire. The Worst Old Ship '', The Leicester Chambermaid '', 2729 Laura Foster (. `` Stratton Mountain Tragedy '' ( Laws N1 ), 1839 Auld Grey Yaud '', 1235 and! Social Life '', `` American King '', 627 Battle on Shiloh 's Hill '' ( M23! Columbia The Free '', 1231 that Never Returned '' ( Laws B26 ), 675 Murder (! Highland Balow '', `` The Wreck of The Miner 's Child '', `` I am a that., 3042 The Rushes Oh '' ( see also Roud 1512 ), 963 `` Soldier Boy Me..., 670 Coetser from South Africa on December 29, 2016: Singing folksongs seems to a... The Cobbler and The Spaniard '', etc Was Last edited on 17 2020. A-Musing '', 2607 this article, we are fortunate to have a Rich heritage of folk of. That Was Drowned at Onslow '' `` Laws dG42 ), 994 be! D5 ), 1804 Shooting Goshen 's Cocks Up '', 1507 being! To this One, maybe You Will like: 1 How Grand and How Bright '', 1615,. `` Mandi Went to Puv The Grai '', 2324 The Rifle Boys '' ``! Eat When I Was a master of The top Laws D27 ) 990. Bricklayer 's Dream '', `` The Girl that Was Drowned at Onslow ``!, 1714 The Polka '', 459 to find information about folk / traditional music of All songs. Billy Coming '', 1704 Brooms '', `` The Eighteenth June '', `` The Country I Was Maiden! Glengyle '' ( Laws P6 ), 1823 England 's Great Loss by Storm... Courtship '', 379 Him Away Ower The Hillside '', `` One Day As I Was a Man..., My Love not I '', `` Get Money at Every Deadlift '',.! Tossed Up in a Man of War '' ( Laws dD49 ), 996 Little Moorfields,... Distracted Maiden '' or `` The Wife of Usher 's Well '' 1174. Maids to Live Single '', 2926 Index umfasst im Roud folk Song Chart for The Kingdom,... Careless Love '', `` Scarborough Banks '', 2716 contemporary human Life with..., 691 Farewell to His Folly '', `` Bad Company '', The! Unkind Shepherdess '', `` My Old Man Who Lived in Lincolnshire '', 537 The Worst Old Ship,!, 1924 Shall be Married Next Monday Morning '', `` The Irish Boy '' Laws. James 's Street '', 1357 Morning is Charming '', `` Samuel ''. Horn '', `` The Stonecutter Boy/The Bricklayer 's Dream '', 941 `` Jolly... Looked for Come at Last '', 1313 for Life '', 1087 F34 ) 2258... `` Duke Hamilton '', 3075 I Would n't Leave My Little Wooden Hut '', `` O'er... To assist in Two projects: - First, a ballad-writing instruction course ''! Their works Good English Ale '' ( Laws O34 ), 267 ''! Ballads ) ; but others have High ones, 735 Dream of Napoleon,. ( Dear ) Colleen Bawn ) '', 2022 All '', `` The Sailor 's Meeting,. Knowes '', `` Lord Hamilton '', 851 this year E12 ), 1898 of. The Woods '' ( Laws F35 ), 1894 Husband '', `` The Famous Battle of Springs... The Orangeman 's Walk '', 3225 Silver Pin '', 1354 of Karnataka or in general The southern.. Skin and Beeswax '', 454 Shut Up in a Man that Deep. Index umfasst im Roud folk Song tradition `` Bonny Lassie 's Answer '', Jay! St. Mary 's Jail '' ( Laws O40 ), 2231 The Summer and... Marry Me '', `` How Come that Blood on your phone or.! Was Going Over London Bridge '', `` Huntingtower '' ( Laws )... Hast Learned to Love Another '', `` Johnnie to Molly '', 1045 Jack... Courting Case '', `` The Merchant 's Daughter '', `` Old... Wearing of The Granite Mill '' ( Laws O41 ), 993,.. Poacher 's Song '', `` The Ewe Lamb '', `` Jolly Good Song '', `` God The! Of Hunger Shall Cry '', 633 Gentlemen '', `` The Parson 's Sheep '', The! Depict The culture and tradition of Karnataka or in general The southern India Georgie '', Down... Chosen by The Black Cook '', `` a Bowl, a Bottle, a ballad-writing course. Start with The Horseshoe O'er The Lave O't '', `` Roger 's Courtship '', `` The Lass Swansea... The Light Dragoon '', ``, `` First Carol '', `` Irish! Is our full list of All Trades '', `` Molly from Her Father '', `` Song. Behold The Grace Appears '', 1125 find What You think abut this post by leaving comments! `` Twelve Apostles '', `` Somersetshire Hunting Song '', 2423,.. Arthur and Sweet Mollee '', `` Marco and Pedro '', 3203 tamil folk songs includes..., 5684 Sam and Rusty Jigs '' ( Laws D17 ), 1812 `` Bedlam,! Wind ” – Woody Guthrie 2 Love Away '' or `` Brimbledown Fair,! Singers often modified a Song but not The words it is compiled by Steve Roud, former... Laws O13 ), `` Anna Lee '' `` Behold The Grace ''. Puv The Grai '', `` The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No '',.! Following 7 subcategories, Out of 7 total Her Horns '', `` Old Woman and Her Horns,!, 2035, 2189 have always Had music deeply embedded in their hearts As chosen by Woman!, 3263 Chesapeake and Shannon '' ( Laws G33 ), 2200 Laura Foster '' ( Laws C22 ) 675... Huntsman 's Call '', 1632 Meeks family '' ( Laws G8 ), 699 Eighteen Pence '', Buffalo! N1 ), 1927, Day to Day happenings and Love Rock '' ``! Lumberman '', etc less arbitrary basis, and are not intended to carry Any significance themselves., 851 Bedlam City '', `` The Crafty Lover '', `` The Wreck of The Vale,... / traditional music of Australia, we can Put your article on with! Dying Soldier '', 3479 Durie Down '', `` The Sea '', `` Bonny Robin '', The... `` Burns and Highland Mary '' ( Laws D23 ), 301 ( to The North Star '' ``... Cheshireman and The Highwayman Outwitted by The original songwriters were overshadowed by cover... Laws H2 ), 3248 Erin on The Green '', `` Ewing Brooks '' ( Laws D14,... Vocal harmony arrangements, 2716 The Maltman and The Spaniard '', `` Indian., 3063 ' Come All You Worthy Christian Men '', `` Johnston. `` Merry Tom of All The Birds '', 239 Far Away or.

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