ecobee 4 geofencing multiple phones

Since this article deals with the geo fencing feature, below are reviews of some thermostats focussing on the same. Only this time, we will use Life360 as the trigger instead of Android location. Which brings me to my only local option the 9000. However, if you are on iOS device, you have to configure it through the. You can set multiple users, so it works on different phones, this is great if you don’t want to leave your family shivering at home when the heating turns off. Nest beats ecobee when it comes to geofencing. Once you leave your house, the thermostat moves to away mode, and lets the room’s temperature rise/fall. From what I can tell, with just the ecobee app it will only work with one phone. Ecobee3 Lite – 4.05 x 4.05 x 0.84 inches; Ecobee3 – 1 x 4.05 x 4.05 inches; Ecobee4 – 1 x 4 x 4 inches; Still, design-wise, Ecobee devices can’t match Nest’s gorgeous iPod-inspired thermostat. The Apple’s HomeKit on the other hand can be used only for iOS devices. QUESTION. It sets the thermostat to “Away” mode, when the last person leaves the home and resumes the program when the first person enters. Based on your geofence configuration, a scene command is then sent to your HomeKit accessories via your connected AppleTV (4th generation or later), iPad (Running iOS 11 or newer) or HomePod. May 21, 2014, 4:05am #4 You can have your phone trigger a “fake” leaving event if you edit your geofence to move it away from the house. I have invited family members (they have not yet accepted…). This means your home HVAC system will work only when it’s needed, thus reducing the power consumption. The thermostats with geo fencing feature, when linked to your smart phone use the GPS to track your position. This in turn would lead to unnecessary energy consumption. Ecobee 4 is the latest and more advanced version of the two models of ecobee which offers a more practical approach, relying on the sensor and on the touchscreen rather than the app. If you are day in and out all day or if you do not have a fixed schedule, this feature is a must have! It understands that geofencing on one phone is about as good as no geofencing. The first applet will tell the thermostat to switch to away when all our family phones leave the home area. Geofencing is a feature offered in most of the smart thermostat models like Nest, Ecobee & other popular thermostats. I have set up “When anyone arrives home” to be “Resume Schedule” which returns to the schedule settings I normally have in Ecobee, which are not always the same as Comfort settings. Even if there are people inside the room, their motion wont be enough for the thermostat to be in “home” mode. I need this answer too, as well as any other tips and tricks for setting schedules and using the sensors most effectively. I don't have an Apple TV tho :/. Now that you have clarity about the advantages of geo fencing thermostats, here is a brief review of some of the geo fencing thermostats to help you choose the right one that suits your needs. I’ve found … The question is, which thermostat is better ecobee 3 vs ecobee 4? All the members have to use the same login credentials, which can be a drawback. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Ecobee4 is a versatile machine that works with multiple apps, speakers, smart homes, and sensors, giving you all the methods you need to schedule, control, and track your home temperatures through all the rooms in your home. You can read more about this in our, This means after a long tiring day you would enter into a house that is already. Native Homekit will work for this, but you have to have an AppleTV 4 or higher for it to follow more than one phone (and use automations) (At least AppleTV 3 for it to follow one phone). The words ‘Introducing ecobee Haven’ appear in pale blue text on a forest green background. This means if you are out all day but within these 3 miles, you will be considered home. Let me explain how this works by taking IFTTT smarthome hub as an example. Therefore, even ecobee suggests the use of IFTTT and life 360 to gain optimal experience it. From what I read it is going to involve IFTTT and LIfe360 but I don't know how to write these "recipes". Since I only have the 3rd gen AppleTV, I can't talk about how the Homekit version works, but I've read multiple users describe it on this sub and it seems to follow multiple phones just fine. If you own an android phone, it would be easy for you to configure it through the ecobee app itself. To use HomeKit-enabled accessories away from home, you will need an Apple TV (iOS 7.0 or later). UPDATE: I originally wrote this tutorial for use with the ecobee3 smart thermostat. In this article we write about geofencing thermostats – those smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee, Emerson Sensi, Mysa (line volt), which offer the geofencing feature. The GPS feature of such phones help in tracking your location. 4) Press and hold your ecobee displayed under accessories to adjust the settings for this scene. If you have an iPhone, geofencing is already built into the Ecobee3 via iPhone location services. It can be used to control any wi-fi enabled thermostat and is very simple to use. Pre-programmed schedule is not a necessity for it. For HomeKit you would just create a automation to set leave home and desired ° when last person leave correct? If you leave the geofenced area the ecobee will go into away mode, even if someone is still home. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Geofencing only tracks one phone; The Ecobee4 is a versatile machine that works with multiple apps, speakers, smart homes, and sensors, giving you all the methods you need to schedule, control, and track your home temperatures through all the rooms in your home. This means your. Self Learning Thermostats – How They Save Energy . With more and more advancements in the technology and companies thriving to make the best use of the smart home and IoT, geo fencing thermostats have a long way to go. Ecobee also uses geofencing through their App, but it only supports one user, which as you imagine can become a real pain. Use of IFTTT and Life 360 gives an optimal geofencing experience. Internet Thermostat – Guide to find the Best Internet Controlled Thermostat, Sensibo Smart Air Conditioner Controller Review, C Wire Adapter – How to add a new Common Wire, Google Home Thermostat – Optimised well for Google Smart Home. However, if you wish to link multiple phones together, you will still need IFTTT and Life360. Similarly moves to “Home” mode when it senses someone is nearing your home. Installing the ecobee app on each phone is not an option? I installed ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control. They not only add to your comfort but also help you in saving a huge amount of money while optimally using the power for your HVAC systems. If you leave the geofenced area the ecobee will go into away mode, even if someone is still home. I am debating between the lyric t5, the Honeywell 9000, and the ecobee lite. ecobee Smart Thermostats are ready to integrate with Apple Homekit—all that's left to do is welcome your very own ecobee home. She was still home. Nest thermostats gather geofencing information and data from other Nest-associated devices to determine if you’re home. The fixed radius of 3 miles cannot be altered. To use Ecobee geofencing with an Android phone, you can configure it through the ecobee app itself. Since I only had those three wires (others at control panel are present but clipped short instead of leaving them behind the unit), I used the arrangement below: Blue -> C. Red -> Rc. Obviously, this would be a great relief when you save on your energy bills! It seems like geofencing could be handy, like if we leave the house for most of the day on a weekend it doesn't need to be heating. This is smartly used by some smart thermostats to deliver optimum performance in terms of reduction in energy consumption through a feature called “geo fencing”. Do a search for Ecobee. Search for Ecobee recipes. It is just another version of IoT, where the home equipments are connected with each other through the internet and can be controlled over your phone. But phone rang and had to answer. If you have it scheduled to go to SLEEP mode at some point in the day the geofencing shouldn't interfere. Ever since then the companies are striving to make the thermostat smarter with each passing year. ADVANCED COMFORT: With Alexa Built-in and an intuitive mobile app, you can control your thermostat and home using your voice, phone, tablet, computer, or Apple Watch. This means it would require a hub like an iPad, HomePod etc which will be available at home every time.

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