2022 Legacy Celebration of Worker Justice

Legacy Celebration of Worker Justice

Honoring NWJP Co-Founder and Longtime Director - Michael Dale

Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2022 - 5:30 p.m.
Ecotrust Building - 721 NW 9th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

What is the Legacy Fund for Lived Justice?

From Michael’s original vision, NWJP is focused on securing lived justice for low wage, immigrant and contingent workers. Lived justice happens when workers directly experience a remedy for an injustice in the workplace. Workers have lived justice when the balance of power is shifted, even temporarily, toward equity and collective prosperity. By living justice, safety and dignity in the workplace can seem newly possible, something worth continuing to fight for.

In the place of hollow or theoretical rights, lived justice is created by tangible and effective remedies to enforce those rights. Lived justice has the power to change lives and communities.

The Legacy Fund for Lived Justice will support NWJP efforts in:

  • Securing Lived Justice: Legal representation of workers focused on empowering and growing leaders in their pursuit of lived justice.
  • Assembling for Lived Justice: Support of worker organizing, wherever it is found, to give workers the tools to be agents for their own collective lived justice. 
  • Opening Avenues for Lived Justice: Smart policy advocacy focused on enforcement and meaningful remedies to open new avenues to lived justice.
  • Expanding Lived Justice: Mentorship of new generations of lawyers and anchoring of strong, vibrant networks of low-wage worker legal advocates to expand access to lived justice. 

As a nonprofit legal organization, we support Oregon’s most vulnerable workers in defending their workplace rights through an innovative combination of legal services, policy advocacy, education, and community organizing.  We partner with unions, worker centers, and community groups to help workers without other recourse to stand collectively against wage theft, employment discrimination, and retaliation for organizing.  As the economic fallout of this public health emergency enters the third year, the need for our work will most certainly expand. We need you to continue to support our work.

Together, we can honor Michael’s legacy and ensure NWJP’s unique long-term potential to discourage exploitation by bringing more workers, lawyers, lawmakers, and allies into the fight – and motivating employers to take the rights of our most vulnerable workers more seriously. We can help more workers secure Lived Justice.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits:

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Thanks to our event sponsors:

Lived Justice Leader

Jean Ferlazzo 

Workplace Warrior

Robert Stoll


Guardian of Justice 

Patti Spencer


Defender of Dignity

Alice Dale 

Gillian Hearst

Janay Haas

Jim Scheurich

Kevin & Phoebe Díaz

Michael Dale

Steve Goldberg and Larry Kleinman


Champion of Change

Eva Paterson

Harrison Blackmond

Ken Pallack & Paulann Petersen

Mary Lewis

Meyer Stephenson

Philip Hornik

Rev. Connie Yost

Shanti Lewallen


Friend of Fairness 

Angel Lopez and Wendy Squires

Art and Sarah Schmidt

Daniel Santos 

David Nebel

David Thornburgh

Doug Stevick

Ira Zarov & Darcy Norville

Lindsay Jonasson

Marcus Simantel & Maria Mitchell

Shirin Khosravi


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